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How to Fix Skype Not Displaying Login Window in Windows 8

Skype has been an integral part of a lot of people’s everyday lives. In just a couple of years, Skype has easily replaced the once famous Yahoo! Messenger as our go-to instant messaging service. Back in the day, most of us only use IM’s for chatrooms and occasional video calls to our loved ones, especially those abroad. But now, we use Skype not just for personal purposes, but also for work.


It is a total nightmare when suddenly Skype starts acting weird. Just like the screenshot pictured above, Skype’s login window is nowhere to be seen.

If you’re on a Windows 8 machine and you’re experiencing the same issue, then you have came to the right page as we’ll teach you the fix for this problem.

For starters, Skype on version 5.5 and up running on a Windows machine uses the Internet Explorer and JavaScript to display the login screen properly. What you’d need to do first is make sure you have the latest version of Windows Internet Explorer. If this does not solve the issue, Skype’s community has fix for those with a JavaScript issue which you can read here.

But what if your Internet Explorer is up to date, and you have no JavaScript issue? Well, this happened to us here at CebuTechBlogger just very recently. We tried checking our JavaScript for any issues through, and well, it is running perfectly.


We then tried changing Skype’s target field to: C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe” /legacylogin to try and force Skype to use the old login window also known as the “legacy login window”.


And as expected, it worked like a charm. It’s a temporary solution, but at least it works. The difference between the new Skype login window and the legacy is that the latter does not require the Internet Explorer for it to work properly.

If you have other solutions to this Skype issue, or if you want us to help you with fix other common software issues, let us know via the comment section below. 🙂


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