HTC One – HTC’s Newest Flagship Android Phone

HTC One – HTC’s Newest Flagship Android Phone

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A reinvention of smartphone—this was how the president of HTC-USA, Mike Woodward, described the hottest flagship Android phone of the Taiwanese company. Essentially, the HTC One is designed according to how people, or the so-called Generation Feed, actually use their smartphones today. It’s a practical One. And that could turn the smartphone world upside down, according to Woodward in announcement very recently.

Essential Features

The body is entirely of aluminum which took some years to construct and perfect. That’s quality enough—having an all-metal but light phone. But there are more new features. The full HD 1080p 4.7-inch screen is bracketed laterally by elongated speakers dubbed by HTC as Boomsound. With the Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor ticking at 1.7GHz, the HTC One certainly would perform fast and works powerfully in tandem with its 2GB DDR2 RAM.


HTC Cam Breaks the Tie

The HTC One camera is worthy of mention, said to be among the revolutionary features that set HTC One apart from the rest, and that’s not to mention its breakthrough Ultrapixel technology. Ultrapixel has two times what a megapixel has, permeating 300 times the light, Woodward said. And with the dual-axis stabilization, the cam feature is beyond compare. And if that seems outrageously brilliant, wait till you see how it’s possible to take shoots in low light even without a flash. No blown-out, flat pictures. The image quality is said to outdo iPhone cam images!

Life-Like Photos

HTC Cam features have included new software specials, like the livelier gallery and the HTC Zoe feature, which is the ability to take a photo and shoot a 3-sec video simultaneously. Here’s how Zoe works: before the shutter is pressed, the HTC cam shoots a one-second video. After the shutter press, the cam takes a 2-second video, producing a life-like, “moving” picture. That reminds us so much of the Twitter Vine app where 6-second videos are possible for posting.

Simpler Feed Fun

The One home screen, called Blinkfeed, is basically a news feed or news grid of the user’s social media or social networking accounts. Blinkfeed keeps the HTC phone refreshed and ready for action. Users may customize it, like putting it on a new pane using a basic Android home screen. Pretty much like what we see on Windows Phone live tiles, eh? Adding to the fun is the Sense TV that can convert the Android phone into a TV remote. Amazing.


HTC hinted at the price when it revealed that the HTC One would be available at a competitive price—probably about $199 on contract as the iPhone 5 is so priced in the US. It will be out in 80 countries through 180 carriers pretty soon. We’ll keep on watching the buzz around the local tech arena and surely we’ll let you know as soon as it landed in Philippine shores.

More about this handset from the video after the break.

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