Infolinks Related Tags Review

Infolinks Related Tags Review

Are you using Infolinks on your blog or website? You probably have a good experience, do you?
Well, I was really a bit frustrated with my Infolinks earnings since I can hardly get a single dollar a day since from the start, really. I’ve been using Infolinks for more than a year already and despite having “not-so-big” monthly earnings – I still stay with it as I continue to adhere with the belief that “patience is a virtue”. Though not as big as what I expect, I see Infolinks earning to be a good addition to my Adsense since then. I even thought of shifting to another In-Text advertising network; but as I’ve said, I need to be patient.

Just recently, Infolinks introduced a new feature called Related Tags. I started using it a day after it was launched. Infolinks said that according to their metric study, web publishers could earn up to 30% more if the new feature is implemented on their site. That’s quite encouraging, isn’t it? Well, on my case – it’s even more! I checked my earnings from July 18 to August 18, which is a month earlier before I implemented related tags. Check out the graph below. It’s surprising to see my total Infolinks earnings from August 19 until today that it’s almost doubled. I expect to see the total earning increase more or less 110% by September 19. Surely, I will let you know by updating this post.

Significant Increase on Infolinks Earnings from Aug 19 to Date

Integrating Related Tags on this blog was as easy as the pie. I am using a Blogger platform and it took me more or less 3 minutes integrating the codes. As you can see it on my blog, related tags doesn’t appear on the homepage; the same thing with all Infolinks in-text ads. I did a little trick so it will only appear on post pages. In this way, the homepage looks neat and of course, Infolinks ads have a better chance of getting a high CTR. One reason also why I let Infolinks ads and the related tags to appear only on post pages, it’s because of the average percentage of organic traffic this blog receives. The rule is when you have a high organic traffic, expect to have a higher CTR.

Despite being a nice feature for Infolinks, I still see some areas that need some enhancements. First, you can’t blend the color of the text with your theme or template. It’s good thing for me though, that I am using a theme in which related tags still looks cool; but still not perfect. Second, it sometimes displays keywords which are not exactly relevant to the contents. Lastly, some keywords displayed are similar to what is being highlighted with the original Infolinks in-text ads. But overall, Related Tags is a great feature. It continues to boost my Infolinks earnings, and I didn’t receive any negative feedback from my readers after implementing it.

How about you? Have you tried using Related Tags? What can you say about it after you implemented such feature on your site?

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