Introducing Comment Spam Filtering and Inbox to Blogger Commenting System

Introducing Comment Spam Filtering and Inbox to Blogger Commenting System

One of the greatest features of Blogger, which I personally use as an alternative to Google Analytics, is the Blogger Traffic Stats which was made available last month.
There is also the Blogger Template Designer, but I’m not using it much since I seldom re-design the layout of this blog. Just another great feature of Blogger or BlogSpot has been introduced recently, the new comments system.

As some of you have noticed on this blog, the commenting system I use here is Disqus. Check out my post about the best alternative commenting system for Blogger to find out why I’m using Disqus. Anyway, let’s talk about the new comments system I mentioned earlier.

Comment Spam Sub-tab

In line to Google’s campaign to fight comment spam, Google’s spam filtering technologies have been integrated into the Blogger comment system. BlogSpot or Blogger users will notice the new “Comments” tab in addition to the 4 main tabs in the UI. The new feature is being rolled out to all users, so some may not see the new Comments tab yet. In the Comments tab, there is a Spam sub-tab that shows all the comments that are likely spam. I personally like this new feature since it allows you to manage comments flagged as spam- either to delete it or to publish those that have been incorrectly classified as spam, just think of the similarity with other systems (Let me say, great job Google!).

Comments Published Sub-tab

Not only that… There’s also a place where you can see all the comments that have been published on your blog. On the Comments tab, there’s a Published sub-tab which provide a similar view as your email inbox. This view comes in handy when you want to see all of the comments on your blog in one place. With the new comments inbox, it’s easier to find new comments on old posts. You can also select comments, and mark them as spam or delete them on the Published sub-tab.

Once again, this new feature is still being rolled out to all BlogSpot or Blogger users so you may not see the new Comments tab yet. You may check your dashboard if you already had this feature. So, what can you say about this? Let’s talk it in the comment section below.

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