iPad 2 Available in Philippines this Friday, April 29?

iPad 2 Available in Philippines this Friday, April 29?

Oh, some tidbits of the iPad 2 release here in the Philippines continue buzzing the web.
I was actually informed by a friend of mine last Saturday when the first report came in to verify if the news is legit or not. But since I had limited web access in the province while having my Holy Week vacation, I wasn’t able to update this blog about the news. My apology for that, again! J

Apple iPad 2

The rumor is Apple will apparently include the country on its promised release of iPad 2 this April. If you can recall, iPad 2 was officially announced in the US back in March 2 and it went on sale in March 25th in 25 more selected countries, excluding Japan (due to the series of disasters in the region). And from the March 25th release, Apple also announced that the tablet will be available to Asian countries this month, though from the official press release – only Hong Kong, Korea, and Singapore will have it. No words from the Cupertino company regarding the iPad 2 launch here in the Philippines.

It turned out the premiere Apple reseller in the country, the Power Mac Center, apparently posted exciting news on its Facebook fan page (though the plug had been removed already). The iPad 2 is said to hit the local Apple stores this Friday, April 29th! The news seems to be true after receiving personally a separate info from a friend over at another local Apple store here in Cebu that they are also expecting the second-gen iPad this Friday, or if not, by the first week of May.

If you guys are waiting for this tablet, just hold your breath for a while, because we’ll let you know once the availability here in the country becomes official. I’ll just wish the entire inventory won’t really hold up in a day or two after the release, so you’ll be accommodated. And if you’ve been throwing your wild guesses how much the tablet will be priced, so be it. Just don’t make it too much. But if Apple follow the same pricing of the first-gen iPad in the Philippines, like what they did in the US and other regions, we can expect the following price schedule as we’ve talked here before.

16GB WiFi – Php23, 990
32GB WiFi – Php28, 990
64GB WiFi – Php33, 990

16GB 3G + WiFi – Php30, 990
32GB 3G + WiFi – Php35, 990
64GB 3G + WiFi – Php40, 990

And expect grey markets to bring down their expensive prices as well. Right? Just stay tuned for more updates.

Update 1: iPad 2 Philippine Launch this Friday, Official!

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