iPhone 4 Case: Moshi iGlaze 4 XT Review

iPhone 4 Case: Moshi iGlaze 4 XT Review

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Adding protective casing to personal gadgets is one of the best things you can do, well, just to save extra bucks from damages it gets when you accidentally drop it or in an events that you’d really feel sorry for your toys. And that’s what I did to my iPhone 4 with ZAGG Invisible Shield, a resistive thin film which covers the entire glass panels of the iPhone 4 including the aluminum frame in all sides. However, my girlfriend got me surprised when she bought another case last Christmas – the Moshi iGlaze 4 XT. I realized it’s kinda useless because it will only cover the back panel and I’d rather choose a leather case instead. But since it was her choice and a Christmas present, too – I took it anyway.

The small box is packed with a Buffer Film (similar to ZAGG invisible shield, but thicker) for the back of the iPhone 4, a circular microfiber cloth used to wipe away dust particles at the back of the iPhone 4 and also used to smooth out the buffer film after installation, and lastly – the iGlaze case.

The Moshi iGlaze 4 XT is a transparent snap on case for iPhone 4. There’s the “Moshi” logo at the bottom, which appears below the Apple trademarks after installation. It’s ultra slim considering the thickness of about 0.8mm; that’s why it won’t require much pressure when you install it to the device.

Installation is very easy since it was really designed for the iPhone 4. The measurements are precise at all edges including the height, and the rear camera and LED flash of the iPhone fit at the center of the hole.

One problem though, is you need the iPhone free from other protective films on it. In my case since it had the ZAGG Invisible Shield installed already, I just removed the shield at the back and replaced it with the new Buffer Film that came with the iGlaze. You also need to remove the shields in all sides, unless you can manage to install it with the shields still in place – but it would be tighter. The ZAGG Invisible Shield at the front glass panel or display was not a problem during the installation. In fact, it’s a good thing to have a separate protection for the display if you’re going to use iGlaze 4 XT. Though iGlaze is made of transparent plastic, you can’t find flares on photos when using the Flash of the camera.

For more than two weeks of using this on my iPhone 4, I feel it’s more sexy and decent. I’m excited to fit the iPhone 4 on a leather case with the Moshi iGlaze installed. But anyway I’ll just let you know once I have it. Just in case you want to buy one online, this accessory costs around $24 at Amazon. Other variants include iGlaze Graphite Black, Burgundy Red, and Tyrian Purple. My girlfriend bought this one for Php 1,290 at the local store here in Cebu.

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