iPhone 5S Prices in Philippines

iPhone 5S Prices in Philippines

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The Apple iPhone 5S is available in three elegant colors: Gold, Silver, and Space Grey — and each also come in three different storage capacity, namely: 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. Of course each variant also has its own price tag.

iPhone 5S Prices Philippines

Although official prices will probably be out on its December 2013 launch, iPhone 5S prices in Philippines are starting to be visible in some online gadget stores  (grey market) — Lazada and Kimstore particularly—and it’s starting on Widget City, too. I’ve scoured the respective website of these popular online gadget stores in the country, and below is what I’ve got.

iPhone 5S Prices by Store

LAZADA: Currently, iPhone 5S Space Grey with 16GB storage is offered online at Php 41,999. The 16GB Silver model is slightly higher at Php 47,999, while the Gold model of the same storage space is sold at a high Php 60,000. Other storage variants of the iPhone 5S aren’t available yet at this point in Lazada.

KIM STORE: Kimstore, on the other hand, offers the iPhone 5S Space Grey model with 64GB storage, at Php 43,800, the 32GB at Php 40,404, and the 16 GB at Php 37,900. The online store also sells the Silver iPhone 5S with 64GB at Php 49,200, the 32GB at a slightly lower Php 46,300, and the 16GB at Php 43,500. For Gold variant of iPhone 5S, Kimstore sells at Php 76,600 for the 64GB, Php 60,700 for the 32GB, and Php 53,800 for the 16GB.

WIDGET CITY: Widget City displays only 2 storage models for each of the 2 color variants of the iPhone 5S available on its site. As of this writing, it offers the Space Gray iPhone 5S at Php 38,500 for the 16GB, and Php 43,490 for the 32GB model. The Gold variant is priced at Php 53,000 for the 16GB and the 64GB model got a much steeper price at P76,600.

By end of this year, expect iPhone 5S prices in Philippines to drop eventually as more units become available and more easily accessible. Although we can also anticipate a possible temporary increase in prices once sales pick up, as some retailers would probably take advantage of the temporary demand. But the market is likely to neutralize the situation and force iPhone 5S prices in Philippines to settle down to lower competitive prices, especially when the device is officially announced later this year.

On a global scale, Apple iPhone 5S sales are picking up as Apple announced on September 23, 2013 a record sales of 9-million units comprising both iPhone 5S and 5C, a mere 3 days after their official launch in key markets.

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