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It has been for a while now since we gave away products here on CTB; we actually received several giveaway requests, mostly from software and app developers, so you guys could expect similar giveaways in the future. And yes, what CTB will giveaway this time is a premium game app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users. I would say, don’t fret for non-iOS users though as we’ll try our best to do similar giveaways for your respective OS’es.

Popping Birds 2Popping Birds 1
Anyhow, this premium game app is called Popping Birds. I have downloaded this myself and of course, enjoyed playing it as well. The gameplay is very simple: you simply tap two or more of the same birds that are adjacent to each other to earn points. And each level has a set of number of points that you need to achieve, at least, so you can make it to the next level. It’s really that simple yet exciting. Below are some of the screenshots I got for you to see how the interface looks like.

Popping Birds 3
Popping Birds 5Popping Birds 6

Popping Birds is a Paid game app; it’s available at the Apple App Store for $0.99 – but we’re really that generous to giveaway 25 copies of the app for CTB readers and fans. You want one? Read on the mechanics below.

Giveaway Mechanics (very simple!):

1. You can join if you have any iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad running at least iOS 4.2 or later. And you must have iTunes account, of course!

2. Leave a comment just right below this post your active iTunes account (email address) and the country to which iTunes Store your account can access and download apps. (1 user, 1 entry only)

Example 1: bertpadilla[at]gmail.com | US iTunes Store

3. This giveaway will end officially on Monday, September 3, 2012 at 11:59PM (Philippine Time).

4. If we receive a total of 25 entries or less, all of the entries will automatically receive a copy of the Popping Birds app from CTB in a form of “Gift App”. Else, if we receive more than 25 entries, we’ll raffle all entries using Random.org. Details on how to redeem your app will be announced on a separate post.

So that’s it! Very, very simple right? What you need to do really, is just the item no. 2 of the entire mechanics.

But if you want to give your Facebook friends and Twitter followers a chance to grab a copy of the Popping Birds app as well, you’re free to do so. You may use the social buttons below for this task; please note though that social sharing is only optional.

Join now! 🙂

Update: We’ve already sent Popping Birds as Gift App to those who participated on this giveaway. If you didn’t make it, you can still grab a copy by letting us know in the comment section below. Thanks!

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This Post Has 11 Comments

  1. Cebu Tech Blogger

    Again, below are the sample entries. I’d suggest you follow the same format. Thanks!

    Example 1: technologianmailer[at]yahoo.com | Philippines iTunes Store
    Example 2: bertpadilla[at]gmail.com | US iTunes Store

  2. Ryan Dupay

    ryan_dupay[at]yahoo.com | Philippines iTunes Store

  3. Wilhelmina Sarawi

    wsarawi[at]yahoo.com | Philippines iTunes Store

  4. Marvin Cortes

    marvz001[at]yahoo.com | Philippines iTunes Store

  5. Cathy

    padillaca[at]ngha.med.sa | Philippine iTunes Store

  6. TechPhilippines


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