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Yahoomail and Gmail are just among the most popular mailing system that are widely used in the internet.
They offer great mailing experience but using their respective email domain. You might be thinking of having an email address that fit in your business or let us say, an email address that is being hosted in your own domain. So, how about if you don’t have your own domain but still want to customize your e-mail address that it would look like being hosted from “your” own company or business? Would it be possible? Hmmm… Check out!

Let us take for example, technologian[at]technologist[dot]com is my personalized email address. It seems that I am owning the domain – which is absolutely not. It doesn’t even exist in the web, not unless you make it (note additional letter “S”) which will redirect you to a computer resource site by Charles H. Sauer. I am just using a free personalized email domain.
Personalized Email Domain
Well, if you want to have your own free personalized email address – you can sign-up one at But please don’t take advantage to make some scams out of this, no I’m just kidding! So, Enjoy!

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  1. Downloader Downloader

    ahh mao di ni imong giingon bai hehe… nice info.

  2. Technologian Technologian

    yeah, this is what I've told you during the Digital Filipino Club event… Have you tried using this mailing system?

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