Mar Roxas: A Goal Setter Beyond Economic Quandary.

Mar Roxas: A Goal Setter Beyond Economic Quandary.

Inside the political fence, farther along in time of predicament, there exist a man of substance, he is Mar Roxas, who is here for his endless quest for economic substantiality and revitalization of Independence.

Mar Roxas
A man given a sand-full credit in restoring the true meaning and shape of freedom on what it is intended, expressed, and signified for. He relied much on his wit, believing independence’s key factor for destiny. As of status quo, independence is yet again threatened by political flaws and turncoats hence needed a conspiracy polisher. In contemporary, the government’s health itself is low and vulnerable to mayhem.

Mr. Roxas, dubbed as the “Mr. Palengke” or Market Man is in search of earnest and conscientious outreach modalities in the pursuit of a successful capture in the threshold of market industry, our economy… per se.

Redirecting our mindset to the past, he has reaped a multitude of recognition in various pockets of politics, reaped unleveled credits, given a deserving praise for his educational foundation and his needed urge in healing the political squabble and inherent totality with indefinite boundary that nil else can fathom to the depth of his level of achievements. Revisiting the path once he trailed, he went into lawmaking, authoring 43 bills and 46 drafts and resolutions brought before the 13th congress in July 2004 and July 2007. He has filed bills regarding smuggling/trafficking, labor enhancement, economic boost, education and alternative energy. He has assumed office as a senator-elect garnering unequaled poll, running his momentum under the K-4 systematic plan of the president then. During the 14th congress, has he had various legislative agenda that are more to be mentioned, perhaps there was that gist for a change in the congregational wheel gratifying his political desire which is signifying his mantra, “economic relational change.”
Mar Roxas

More to, he hammered hard for the Free Information Act, Senate Bill No. 109 implicating the rights to relevant information making an alley to workout those rights with the exception of venturing a disclosure that would install a harm’s way to privacy and security matters depicting a rugged grasp of integrity.

Rendering political advocacy, he conforms to the toe line of technology bearing the formulated policies that gravitated business processing outsource firms to the business core park of Cebu City. This is one stronghold that the city is head-up-high of, crediting the city as the base of operations to outsourcing industry. Far from a decade, the city’s economic plate will sprout like a beanstalk, emulating a carpeted paradise.

Construing the blogsphere, his advocacy still lingers. He has what it needs to take for a good arsenal to dance to lopsided beats of political ballads.
Whatever the survey so to speak, he has it all in a day’s fame to realize his political meal, his own desire for betterment and embellishment.

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