Michael Jackson Virus

Michael Jackson Virus

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You are a fan of Michael Jackson? Well, maybe you are one of his enthusiastic admirers who have intentions of downloading his “unrevealed” or “secret” songs as they claimed.

But I am warning you to take close attention to what you might get!

What I am trying to say is, as the “King of Pop” popularity hovers after his death; many people are getting more interested of having a memorabilia. But this could also be the time that cyber-criminals will take advantage of the death of Michael Jackson.
Since June 30, celebrity-focused spam has been circulating over the internet which infects computers with a virus able to steal bank account numbers and passwords- according to Gary Warner, University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) director of research in computer forensics. He said: “We’ve been tracking the cyber criminals behind this spam and the associated virus for many weeks, but it is just today that they have shifted their strategy by embedding their virus into an e-mail that claims to link you to a Web site that will reveal Michael Jackson’s killer,”.

Jackson virus spam which reads “Michael Jackson was killed … but who killed Michael Jackson?” – can be viewed on this link: . The webpage will look like this:
Michael Jackson Virus Screen shot of the X-Files Webpage: Courtesy of UAB

I tried visiting but it has already been blocked for security reason. What you can see is just a warning page like the screenshot below:
Michael Jackson Virus

The X-Files Webpage Blocked

Two days ago, news has been released from Sophos.com that another email, which has the subject line “Remembering Michael Jackson” and claims to come from ‘[email protected]’, says that an attached ZIP file – titled “Michael songs and pictures.zip” contains “secret” songs and photos of Michael Jackson. The email looks like the screenshot below:
Michael Jackson Virus Screeshot of Michael Jackson Virus spam: Courtesy of Sophos.com

Please don’t be appealing enough on the title of the attachment saying that the .zip file contains the “songs and photos” of Michael Jackson. The reality is that when you open the attachment, you will be exposed to infection – and if your computer is hit you might be spreading the worm onto other internet users. It has also been reported that besides spreading via email, the malware is also capable of spreading as an autorun component on USB memory sticks – which is a very common way for computer viruses to be in chaos.

Seeing that Michael Jackson’s death has gaining more interests about his personality, many computer and internet users are more likely be tempted into opening the attachment. Beware!

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    Any update about this virus? how it's going on?

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