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Mobile Data Traffic for Globe Up 44% as More People Go for a Digital Lifestyle

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The mobile data traffic of Globe Telecom grew from 252 petabytes (PB) per year to 361 in 2016. It’s an increase of 44 percent, as smartphones also had a 61 percent penetration last year. Experts say this shows how a lot more Filipinos prefer to access the Net using their mobile devices as more people opt for a digital lifestyle.

This noted considerable boost in mobile data traffic coincides with Globe’s aggressive enhancement of its network to expand coverage and increase capacities.

“This validates Globe Telecom’s position as the country’s top mobile company and as the network of choice by smartphone users,” Ernest Cu said, who is Globe President & CEO. He added that the data also mirrors the company’s efforts to continue improvements on the internet technology in the country.

“Our efforts are bearing fruit and we expect mobile internet experience to improve further moving forward as we continue with the aggressive deployment of LTE sites in major cities, thereby, providing better indoor signal and larger capacity,” Cu said.

The mushrooming mobile data traffic likewise confirms a special report from Hootsuite, social media platform, and from a UK-consultancy firm, We are Social. The report notes how a lot more Filipinos are on the Net using their mobile phone devices. The report also said mobile subscription now totals 129.4 million since January 2017; this reflects a 9 percent boost compared to a year earlier basing on a 103 million total population in the country.

The report also said 58 percent or 60 million of the overall population can access the internet, reflecting a 27 percent boost from a year earlier. And 54 million users are active in social sites through their mobile phones. That’s a 32 percent increase from a year earlier.

It also showed how the web traffic share by device points to the fact that more Filipinos are going online using their mobile gadgets. The following is the breakdown:

  • Laptops and desktops – 56% (decreased by 13% from a year earlier).
  • Mobile Phones – 38% (increased 31% from a year earlier).
  • Tablets – 6% (decreased 7% from a year earlier).

In addition, the average mobile internet connection speed is noted to be 13 Mbps compared to a mere 4.1 Mbps using fixed or broadband connections. Based on the activity reports from users themselves, 57% watch videos using their mobiles, half of the nation use mobile messengers,  47% play games on their mobiles, 30% do banking via their mobiles and 37% consult map services with their mobile phones.

Finally, the report disclosed how most Filipinos devote an average 4 hours 17 minutes each day being active on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Data used as of January 2017 are derived from social media companies based on active folks who use the Net monthly.


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