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Need to Block someone on Viber? Here’s the Complete How-To (at least for Android devices)

Instant Messaging (IM) voice-over-Internet Protocol apps for smartphones and tablets took the world by storm. Apps like Viber lets you text and call anyone, wherever they are in the world for free, as long as they have the same app on their phone or tablet. These messaging apps are usually free to download, and are starting to change the way we text. Messaging apps like Viber comes with “Delivered” and “Seen” features, letting you know if the person you sent a text to has already received and read your message.


But as much as we’re all enjoying free messaging and call services through these kind of apps, some people are actually starting to abuse the service. So, if ever you’re wondering how to block someone on your Viber app, we have the steps for you.

Just a heads up, the blocking feature is only available (as of now) for Android devices with a Viber app updated to version 4.2 and above.

First, fire up the app, head to Settings and choose Privacy.



Next, tap Block List and head to Block Number.



There will be a new a white window, this is where you’ll type in the number of that person you want to block.



After tapping Block, you’ll see that the number you just entered now appears on the list.



And if ever you want to unlock who ever on the list, just head again to Settings > Privacy > Block List and tap the Unblock option on the opposite side of the number.

Now that’s a simple but effective way on staying away from those contacts you have on Viber. 🙂

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