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Nero 7 or Nero 8 Clean- Uninstall Fix

Having problem uninstalling Nero 7 ? I mean a Clean Uninstall of Nero 7… Can’t install Nero 8 because of Nero 7 corrupted files? Well, this post might interest you…

Days ago, my brother-in-law approached me to hand him a help regarding his problem about Nero 7. He was actually trying to uninstall Nero 7 so he can install a later version- the Nero 8. But he was not able to uninstall Nero 7 since there were some missing DLL files in the system.

According to him, he accidentally deleted the registry for Nero. He also tried installing Nero 8 without uninstalling first the Ner0 7, hoping that he can just overwrite the older version; but an error occured in the middle of the installation.

I am sharing here my own approach since there might be a chance that someone has the same problem. So here we go…

1. Run Registry Mechanic to repair the corrupted registry. If you don’t have one, you can download it here.

3. Before removing Nero 7, make sure to have your serial number for future use. To do that, simply go into the path in the registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ahead\Installation\Families\Nero 7\Info

Your serial number is displayed next to the “Serial7” entry with the following structure:

Retail version: 1Cxx-xxxx-xxxx-…
Nero Essentials: 4Cxx-xxxx-xxxx-…

2. Download Nero 7 Clean Tool to remove all the Nero 7 files from your system. You can also download Nero General Clean Tool.

3. Restart the computer, and then install Nero 8. I will assure that your system will now work with the new version of Nero.

Congrats and Good Luck!!!

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