Nokia C2-00 Review: Dual-SIM, Dual-Standby Phone with Easy Swap Feature!

Nokia C2-00 Review: Dual-SIM, Dual-Standby Phone with Easy Swap Feature!

If you guys are looking for an affordable dual-SIM phone with dual-standby functionality, perhaps you should be looking for Nokia C2-00. Read on CTB’s review of this candy-bar handset and see for yourself if it’s a perfect match!


The Nokia C2-00 is one of the two dual-SIM phones introduced here in the Philippines back in June. Running the 6th Edition of the Series 40 platform, this phone supports dual-band GSM/EDGE connectivity, features a basic 1.8-inch 65K-color 128×160 LCD display, an internal memory capable of handling 500 phonebook entries, microSD storage up to 32GB, fixed-focus VGA camera, stereo FM radio with RDS, Bluetooth, microUSB port, and 3.5mm audio jack. One of the main highlights of this phone is its “Easy Swap” feature which makes one of the SIM card easily hot-swappable.

Dual-SIM, Dual-Standby, and Easy Swap Features

The Nokia C2-00 is among today’s dual-SIM handsets which is also dual-standby. What this means is if you’re using both SIM card slots, both will stay active in “standby mode” and will receive call or SMS notifications rather than turning one of the two SIMs on or off. In real world application, you can use SMART on the first SIM and Globe on the other – while keeping both SIMs active in standby mode.

Another exciting feature of Nokia C2-00 is the “Easy Swap”. Basically, this allows the user to easily change the second SIM card through the side-mounted slot without having to turn off the phone or remove its battery. The first SIM card actually resides under the battery inside, and when you decide to change your second SIM, just pull it off from the side with ease and replace with another one.

Camera, FM Radio, and MP3 Player

The camera on Nokia C2-00 may not really be among the best in today’s feature phones, but one should note perhaps Nokia just did this as a value-added feature to the entirety of the phone. The camera is still good to capture moments when you really have no other option, but if truth be told – you really shouldn’t expect much from your shots. Seriously, I didn’t even bother myself uploading one.

When you powered the phone, the FM radio just works right out of the box. Just plug in the headset as its antenna into the 3.5mm audio jack and you’re ready to tune in to your favorite local stations. The Nokia C2-00 can also play MP3 files and so with WAV, so if you guys love music – this handset has it for you.


Smartphone users will find this handset hardly impressive, but Nokia brought the Nokia C2-00 into emerging markets certainly aiming those who prefer carrying more than just a single SIM. Here in the Philippines, the Nokia C2-00 is undoubtedly a perfect choice if you’re into e-Loading business or just any reason you’ll need a dual-SIM phone. Surprisingly, Nokia put the C2-00 with Php 2,990 price tag when it launched and with its value-added features, I believe it’s one among today’s most affordable dual-SIM phones in local shelves.

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