Nokia N950, the MeeGo Phone We Once Speculated as N9

Nokia N950, the MeeGo Phone We Once Speculated as N9

When Nokia N9 was announced earlier this week at Nokia Connection 2011, I highlighted that the phone we’ve seen a month earlier in a leaked teaser video was definitely not the N9.

Nokia N950

It turns out it’s a non-commercial phone called Nokia N950, and we guessed it right from its “squarecle” icons in the UI that it runs on MeeGo. Why I’ve said it’s a non-commercial phone, simply because the handset is only for developers and Nokia said in a release notes that the quality and feature set of N950 is of beta quality and comes without any warranty or support whatsoever.

Nokia N950

Though it appears that Nokia N950 is the QWERTY version of Nokia N9, one should note that both handsets actually use the same hardware components except that:

  • N950 is physically larger and is made out of aluminum, whereas N9 has a polycarbonate unibody.
  • N950 has a physical slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The N9 is a touchscreen-only device.
  • N950 has a 4” TFT LCD display whereas N9 has 3.9” AMOLED display. Display resolution is same on both devices (854×480).
  • N950 has a different physical camera module than N9. Both camera modules have very similar image quality (Carl Zeiss branding in N9) and both modules support 8MP image mode.
  • In the N950, the front facing camera is in top right corner and on N9 it is in the bottom right corner. The actual camera module is same.
  • N950 supports Bluetooth version 2.1+EDR, whereas N9 supports version 4.0
  • N950 does not have support for NFC
  • N9 has slightly more sensitive magnetometer and ALS
  • N950 has 1320mAh battery, the N9 has 1450mAh battery

The N950 won’t hit in stores as yet another MeeGo device in the lineup and it actually makes no sense of getting one, unless you’re a MeeGo aficionado or a dev. [via]

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