Noontec MovieHome V8 NAS Media Player Review

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One of the media players Noontec sent to CTB for review is the MovieHome V8, which is sort of an upgrade to MovieDock A6 II that I’ve also reviewed last month. Would the V8 model bring those features we longed to see on its predecessor? Well, let’s find out through my full review of this media player after the break.

Noontec V8 NAS
Noontec V8 NAS


For starters, the Noontec MovieHome V8 NAS Media Player is yet another entertainment appliance specifically designed to carry most, if not all, of your multimedia files into a single location. Unlike the MovieDock A6 II, the V8 has a dedicated storage slot for either 2.5 or 3.5 inches Hard Disk drives (SATA interface only), which is the perfect storage to handle hundreds or thousands of your music tracks, movies, podcasts, or even your photos. The V8 supports most of the standard interfaces available today so you can hook it up to external devices that complement what could be your home entertainment center.

So what’s in the box?

Well, there’s really nothing new you can find inside — just the MovieHome V8 media player itself, the remote control and a pair of AAA battery, 1 power adapter, and a set of RCA AV cable (male-to-male). Noontec didn’t include a separate SATA cable since it’s already in place inside the HDD storage compartment. It doesn’t have HDD storage for use out of the box either, so you have to secure one for yourself.

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The Build and Design

I thought the MovieDock A6 is just too plasticky for me, but with the MovieHome V8 – I think I’m going to love the black sand-paper finish at the top and the smooth and glossy surface in all sides. At the lateral view, you’ll see the LED display in the frontage with the power / standby indicator in the top-corner, as well as the SD or MMC card and USB slots. All of the essential ports and connectors are placed at the rear portion of the player including the DC power interface, component output interface, Auxiliary interface, coaxial output interface, optical fiber output, as well as the ones for HDMI, USB, and network connections. The storage compartment is accessible by opening the cover visible in the front and plugging in the hard disk drive through its SATA interface inside. Overall, I must say the design is just too simple yet it looks great and elegant.

The UI, NAS, and Performance

Noontec MovieHome V8 Media Player is using the same REALTEK’s RTD1185 chip and perhaps the same firmware version as the one used in MovieDock A6 II, so technically, there’s nothing more you can expect from its user interface. It’s just the same navigation menus, setup and options, and etc. – so I decided not to talk more about it on this review. Instead, I’ll encourage you to read my review of the MovieDock A6 II here. Two things I’d like to highlight though: first, is the use of V8 as a NAS (Network Attached Storage), in which the web-based remote control worked flawlessly this time. It’s just too awesome to see my iPhone (connected on the same wireless network) controlling the media player remotely! And secondly, I like the performance of the player when using nTV in which online video playback is now faster, thanks to its 1Gbps network adapter.


The best part of the MovieHome V8 over the MovieDock A6 II is the built-in storage option for hard disk drive as well its elegant design. The NAS support is great in a wired connection, but I wish I could have tested the player through Wi-Fi (will need a separate Wi-Fi dongle). Though I must say that it’s not the best media player available in the market, at least it can contend over the other brands as it still can do its job, and better yet – it got a very competitive price of Php 6,999. I roamed around several gadgets stores in the city, but unfortunately it appears no one is selling this locally. In any case you’re interested; you may send an email at [email protected].

Rating: 3.5/5

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