Noontec PowerMe Polo Battery Pack Review

Noontec PowerMe Polo Battery Pack Review

Another mobile battery pack that Noontec sent to us a couple of weeks ago is the PowerMe Polo. Read on CTB’s review following after the break…

The PowerMe Polo Mobile Battery Pack is basically a Lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of over 4000mAh of energy — that’s 1800mAh more than what the Venus model can hold. The design is just so simple yet sexy, and it’s handy with the size (140mm x 90mm x 33mm) just almost the same as the Samsung GALAXY Y handset (sans the silvery frame that sealed the sides). The entire build feels light and plasticky with every surface just too smooth and glossy. I personally not a fan of sheen surfaces though particularly in portable devices like this battery pack, but I’m not saying the PowerMe Polo won’t appeal to you if you also prefer a rubberized surface.

The PowerMe Polo mobile battery pack takes its input (5V DC @ 1A) through the micro-USB port at the bottom part, and just beside it is the standard USB port as its output. It can deliver power rating just the same as its input (5V DC @ 1A), so what exactly this means in real world is – with 4000mAh of capacity it can charge your dead iPhone 4 and another mid-range Android phone back to life.

PowerMe Polo comes with several connectors in the package including for Apple devices, Samsung phones, LG handsets, Nokia, or any digital product utilizing micro-USB and mini-USB ports. Charging involves connecting devices using the compatible connectors, interfaced using the elastic cable into the standard USB port in the battery pack itself. Well, obviously!

Noontec rated fully-charged PowerMe Polo to provide electric quantity as much as 2.5 times of original iPhone 4 battery; but the fact is – I was only able to fully re-charge the iPhone 4 once, plus the Samsung GALAXY Y. From my experiment, I was able to charge the iPhone 4 in more or less 2 hours (from 3% to 100% battery). And once the PowerMe Polo is drained, charging itself from the PC USB port will take it more or less 2 hours and 20 minutes. There’s a series of 4 LED light indicators, each of which represents 25% of the total electric quantity. Theoretically, this would mean you got 2000mAh of energy left if 2 LEDs are visible; or 1000mAh if only a single LED power up. You need to press the circular button just beside the 4 LEDs to check how much power the battery pack left.

PowerMe Polo Mobile Battery Pack Specs and Features:

Multiple devices supported (Apple, Samsung, Nokia, LG, and etc)
Compact body size and fashion design
Use bus power supply to charge Polo
Smart LED electricity capacity indicators
High capacity battery (4000mAh, 3.7V)
Input: 5V DC, 1A (max)
Output: 5V DC, 1A (max)
Dimension: 140mm x 90mm x 33mm

Price: Php 2,999

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  1. Jen Sia16

    can also be use with galaxy tab 7″ & galaxy s 2?? tnx

  2. cooletz

    where can you buy this at PHP2, 999? thanks in advance!

  3. Eleazar Leyson

    Thanks for the nice item bro! 😀 

      1. Eleazar Leyson

        It’s been a while since i’m using the powerme polo and i’m thankful to have it. I’m now always on the go with-out worrying the battery status of my phone and also gadgets.

  4. pixie71

    i just bought a powerme polo.. i tried charging my galaxy note but it won’t charge.. do you think my unit is defective?

    1. Eleazar Leyson

      hi Pixie, you might want to try the data cable for your Galaxy Note instead of the portable cables bundled by the powerme polo.

      Have it a test and then post comments for results and feedbacks.

  5. Eleazar Leyson

    With the latest trends of touch screen devices that consumes lots of power from the battery. It is recommended to have a power pack or portable mobile charger along with you.

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