Norton 360 Version 5.0 Review

Norton 360 Version 5.0 Review

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It’s more than a month already since I started using Norton 360 on my PC.

Norton 360 Version 5.0 is the more-advanced security suite as compared to Symantec’s Norton Internet Security 2011 (NIS 2011). I’m using NIS 2011 on a separate system, and I must say that what NIS 2011 users are missing on Norton 360 is the inclusion of file backup and PC maintenance capabilities.

Norton 360 is being marketed as the “all-in-one” security suite by Symantec, and you can read CTB review after the break.

About Norton 360 V5.0

With the increasing online threats, we also need to have a security suite that can offer best PC protections. Having an updated antivirus program alone that only scans and detects the existence of malicious programs in a computer might probably not enough. There’s a need of an all-in-one security solutions that will not just protects PCs from viruses and other malicious programs, but also backup essential files and increase system performance. And that’s definitely the reason why Norton 360 comes in.

The Norton360 All-in-One security suite has four basic components: Security, Identity Protection, Backup and PC Tune-up. Each quadrant of the security software includes a variety of additional tools and features that combine seamlessly into a powerhouse that delivers protection and performance.


Installing Norton 360 through the CD installer takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, that includes downloading updates from the web. Initially, the setup will attempt to update from the internet, however you can skip this process. Like the usual installation of most software, you’ll be asked for the product key and after the installation is completed, Norton will ask you to register the product on its website.


Key features of Norton 360 All-in-One security can be executed immediately from Tasks section of the UI.

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Norton Insight – instantly checks where files came from and how long they’ve been around to identify and stop new crime ware fast for industry-leading online threat detection.

PC Tune-up – frees up memory so applications start up and run faster, and removes unnecessary files to improve hard drive performance. Provide recommended tasks on how to boost up the performance of your computer.

Automated backup – securely and automatically backs up your photos, videos, music, financial documents and other important files. Initially Norton provides you a 2GB free space from their online storage. You may need to register first to be able to configure your backup settings using the Norton 360 all-in-one security suite.

Norton Safe Web Social Media Scanner – lets you check your Facebook Wall and News Feed for bad links and other threats from your Norton Control Center.

Proactive Performance Alerts – a notification balloon pops up on the bottom right corner of your screen letting you know when an application is slowing down your PC so you can make changes to improve performance.

Parental controls management – provides the latest updates on your kids’ online activity from your Norton Control Center, so you can help keep them safe from online dangers. This will require your email address to be able to configure on what sites to block and allow specific access on websites.

Online recovery and restore – lets you quickly and easily download, view, edit and share files you backed up online, anytime, anywhere, to any computer through a password-protected website only you can access.

Norton Safe Web – warns you of unsafe or fake websites right in your search results and automatically blocks them.

SONAR 3 Behavioral Protection – monitors your PC for suspicious behavior to quickly detect new attacks and other crime ware.

Free 24×7 support – lets you get help and answers by phone, email, live chat or online whenever you need it.

Performance Benchmarking

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I initially run a benchmark on my computer before and after installing the Norton 360 to validate if it really improves the system performance after executing the PC tune-up tasks. To do this, run the diagnostic results and then execute the tasks recommended by Norton 360 to enhance your PC’s performance. The result is quite impressive considering I haven’t done any upgrade on the components of my computer particularly its memory.


Most security software is deemed successful if it protects your computer without causing significant slowdown. Norton 360 goes above and beyond, offering all the right features that help you get the most of your computer. Norton continues to innovate with new features and technology to combat the ever-evolving online security landscape.

Norton 360 is a truly comprehensive all-in-one internet security suite that essentially combines the features of over five standalone products. Norton 360 isn’t just the most complete security software from Symantec, it’s also one of the best premium security suites overall.

Price and Availability

Norton 360 Version 5.0 is available for purchase at major computer stores here in the Philippines with a suggested retail price of Php 2,700. Each package can be installed for a total of 3 PCs.

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