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Oh Heck, CTB is Suspended in Google Plus! Google+ Doesn’t Allow to Use Your Brand in Profiles

In the advent of Google Plus, I’m among the first to receive private invitations from Google.

As an active technology blogger and social media evangelist here in the Philippines, I thought setting up an account in Google+ could expand your network in the interwebs. In fact, when I announced that CTB is already in Google+, online friends and readers start adding CTB in their respective “Circles”. It feels good; really, that more and more people are following you because of what you’re doing in the internet. That is in my case, bringing the latest technology trends that affects the “Pinoys” particularly the “Cebuanos” inside and out of the country.

Honestly speaking, I blog professionally that even I have no formal training in tech journalism – I try to follow the right blogging ethics. And I understand that part of it is the awareness of the terms when using tools in social media. We may be aware of it the first time, but most probably missed its changes from time to time. I must admit that I did an honest mistake with Google+, which is, not reading the latest Community Standards set by Google. And I’m saying that some fellas out there actually don’t read these terms of services, do you?

Straight to the point, CTB is currently suspended in Google+. And the reason for this was using “Cebu Tech Blogger” in the name fields in profile, instead of my real name “Bert Padilla”.

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Google’s updated Community Standards highlights:

Display Name
To help fight spam and prevent fake profiles, use the name your friends, family, or co-workers usually call you. For example, if your full legal name is Charles Jones Jr. but you normally use Chuck Jones or Junior Jones, either of these would be acceptable.

To make it more specific, name and Google profiles states:

Your profile and name must represent one person.
Google Profiles doesn’t support profiles for couples or groups of people. Additionally, you can’t create a profile for a non-person entity such as a pet or business. Google may continue to allow existing profiles that don’t meet these criteria, as long as the profile names are unchanged.

In other words, Google doesn’t allow you to use your “brand” as your name in profiles. Not yet. Google says, they’re working and will soon launch a profile for businesses and other entities later this year.

So if you’re using your company name or network in Google+, great chance you’ll also get suspended. By now, I suggest you modify your name before Google determine you’re also violating its policies.

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I’ve already edited my Google+ profile and as of the moment though, Google is reviewing it and I’m still waiting what could be the results. I’ll keep you posted.

Update: Google already reinstated CTB Google+ account.


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