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Open Letter to Smart Communications Inc.: Please Don’t Let Smartbro / myBro Sucks!

Dear Smart Broadband Inc.,

First, my apologies for the term. I can’t seem to find a better word to describe my disappointment of your broadband service, which you failed to fix since I raised my concern several months ago. I am referring to your Smartbro canopy product, now better known as myBro Canopy.

Smartbro / myBro Speedtest

I’m a huge fan of Smartbro since its inception, in fact, I often recommend your product to those seeking advice which broadband internet plan they have to choose for their homes. I have heard complaints just everywhere about your “most reliable” broadband internet service, but I simply can’t be convinced for such claims. I wasn’t convinced because I had good experience of your Smartbro Canopy before, at least with the accounts under my name. Just to let you know, I had one Smartbro Canopy account before which I transferred to at least 4 locations within Cebu province because of the nature of my job back then. Specifically, I had it transferred to 2 locations in Lapu-lapu City and 2 locations in Minglanilla, Cebu. I was really satisfied with the performance of that connection, even if I had it transferred to several locations. Yes, I kept on paying that Php 1450 relocation fee because you simply don’t allow your subscribers to switch with other myBro products even if needed.

In November last year, I opened a new account so I have a new Smartbro Canopy broadband internet installed in my permanent address in Minglanilla, Cebu. But since my contract at that time for the other connection in Lapu-lapu City was still to end in February this year, I had it cut and paid the pre-termination fees. My previous connection here in Minglanilla Cebu was still within the acceptable download and upload speeds; unfortunately, that’s not the case with the new connection I have.

I thought you would be able to fix the problem, but you can’t. The worst is, you really have a poor customer and after-sales service! I wish I’m only one of the million subscribers who can attest to that, because I won’t be surprised if I’m the 999,999th of that million subscribers. I had so much patience for your very poor customer service, and your claim for myBro to offer the most reliable and consistent signal is true lies. I don’t mean to malign and criticize myBro spitefully, just that what you promised to offer really doesn’t deliver. Don’t believe this? Well, I decided and managed to take down notes every time I talked to your CSR’s and TSR’s through the *1888 hotline, and I wish you could use this for traceability just in case you want to investigate this issue further.

Here’s the timeline of activities with my comments; you may refer to my account with Service Reference Number (SRN): 1011293592.

April 30, 2012:
-I called myBro hotline regarding the status of my request (fix poor connection) with report no. 387573750.
-I was told there’s going to have an update within the day and follow up the request with report no. 387575994.

May 9, 2012:
-I decided to call myBro hotline again after a week so I could check if my previous request was fully resolved.
-I was told my canopy antenna is connected to a base station with 7 “sections” and I’m in the most traffic section. The technical support group will then conduct what they call as “re-homing”.
-Follow up with report no. 388719981.

Comment: I have no idea what “re-homing” exactly means, but I think it’s when my canopy antenna is linked to another access point, or moved from the most traffic section to the less-congested section of the 7-section base station I’m in. Though I’m not sure what “section” means to a TSR’s perspective, I think they meant to say about “sectorized or sector antenna”. I’ll be using “sector” here instead of “section”.

May 10, 2012:
-Another call to myBro hotline was made to follow up the request.
-I was told then the “re-homing” was done already, but I complained since the connection was still poor. -According to the agent I talked, there’s a high traffic issue within the area that needs to be resolved.
-And then a new Report no. 389004535 was provided.

Comment: There’s always a high-traffic issue. But are you saying that after “re-homing” and pointing my canopy antenna to another access point or another sector antenna of the base station, I’m still in the most traffic sector? If a base station has 7 sector antennas and I was originally at sector no. 1 (already congested), and you moved my connection to sector no. 2 which turned out to be congested as well – what’s your next troubleshooting approach then? Move to sector no. 3,4,5,6 or 7? I don’t understand if that’s even possible if you only have single base station covering the area where I’m located.

Because I was not convinced Smart’s technical support group would be able to fix the problem on that particular location, I decided to take the connection to a new address where my own family are going to live after my first baby’s birth. And to my dismay, just yet another story of Smart’s poor customer service.

August 7, 2012:
-I went to Smart Wireless Center in SM Cebu to request for relocation; paid the relocation fee of course!
-I was told to expect a call or text from Smart within 24 hours.
-Around 5PM of the same day, Smart tried to reach me on mobile and landline, but failed to talk to me. A relative told me then the call was about the schedule for relocation.

August 8, 2012:
-I called myBro hotline to check the status of the relocation request and I was told they were supposed to provide schedule the other day. But since they weren’t able to contact me, they’ll have a contractor relocate the connection on another schedule. When asked if they can provide contractor in the afternoon of August 8, I was told no available contractor until August 9th.
-Smart’s agent confirmed the contractor will report “as early as possible” on Friday morning, August 10th.
-Report no. 402875002 was provided for reference.

August 10, 2012:
-Contractor sent SMS notification at around 12:54PM; said no one at home when they got there.
-Contractor said they need a taller ladder to get into the roof of the second floor where they are going to install the canopy antenna.

Comment: On August 9th, Smart’s agent confirmed the contractor will report “as early as possible” in the morning of August 10th. Well, we’re busy people and when you say morning, we could expect a contractor to report between 8AM and 12NN. But what’s 12:54PM? I know how it works for Smart with regards to jobs like this; you simply hires third-party contractors. My advice is, please make sure your contractors are always committed to providing good service to your subscribers as well. Being on-time is just one. Because on my own experience, they don’t! Heck they don’t even have a hammer and ladder to complete their job.

August 11, 2012:
-I called myBro hotline at around 9:20AM to follow-up reinstallation.
-Agent said the reinstallation was rescheduled but with no exact date and time.
-Agent contacted Smart support group for available schedule, unfortunately, there’s no schedule for reinstallation.
-Agent requested schedule from support group for August 13, Monday; but still for approval.
-I was advised to call myBro hotline the following day (August 12, Sunday) to confirm if the requested Monday schedule is approved.
-I asked why they can’t make it on August 11 (Saturday) or August 12 (Sunday), the agent said there’s an on-going caravan and all the contractors are on-site so they can install immediately once customers apply for new myBro connections.
-Refer to report no. 403335049.

Comment: The request for relocation of my connection has been on queue since August 7, 2012. Seriously, Smart support group can actually allocate a contractor to do the job if they really care for their subscribers. I mean, it’s an after-sales service right? Doesn’t it mean for priority as well? Why the heck would Smart allocate all the resources, in this case the contractors, to cater new subscribers who would sign-up at the caravan when they knew an existing subscriber also has pending request that needs a contractor? Does it mean taking priority for new subscribers and leaving existing subscribers behind? Poor customer service, eh?

August 12, 2012:
-I called myBro hotline again to see if Smart support group already approved the new schedule for reinstallation (August 13, Monday).
-Agent can’t confirm the schedule yet and I was advised to wait for feedback within 24 hours.
-Report no. 403335049 was provided.

August 13, 2012:
-Smart contractor showed up at my new address.
-Connection between the canopy antenna and base station was established.
-Still slow and intermittent connection; for observation in 24 hours.
-Contractor said I have to make a call to myBro hotline for tweaking of the connection.
-Same report no. 403335049.

Comment: I learned that the job of a contractor is just to install the canopy antenna and establish connection to the base station. Regardless of whether you’re getting the desired internet speed or not, the contractor’s job is already done. My question is, why would Smart let me observe the connection in 24 hours? Does it really takes 24 hours to stabilize the connection between the canopy antenna and the base station? I don’t think so. Waiting that long is a waste of time for me.

August 17, 2012:
-I called myBro hotline again and I was told the canopy antenna “might” need adjustment.
-The agent made a request to Smart support group to make adjustment on the antenna.
-The agent also performed basic troubleshooting to fix the slow connection.
-Two report nos. were provided: 404307474 (for the antenna adjustment), 404308514 (for the connection problem)

August 18, 2012:
-Still poor and slow internet connection.
-Needs adjustment on the antenna
-Report no. 404509890
August 19, 2012:
-I called myBro hotline again to check the status of the previous request.
-Agent said the adjustment was done and the antenna is already stable.
-Checking base station for possible issue that causes slow internet connection.
-Report no. 404550468

August 21, 2012:
-Still poor and slow internet connection.
-Called myBro hotline again to follow-up previous request.
-Agent said there was a “technical activity” at the base station on August 19th
-Agent made another request to make remote antenna adjustment
-Agent said network adjustment is still on-going
-I was advised to observe performance within 24 hours
-Refer to report nos. 404771773 and 404771500

August 22, 2012:
-Agent said antenna adjustment was already done, but still slow and intermittent connection.
-Agent said network adjustment which could solve the problem is still on-going
-The same report no. 404771500.

August 23, 2012:
-Very slow and intermittent connection
-Agent said this is due to high usage (Seriously?)
-Report no. 405187572

Comment: With those series of report numbers, it’s very obvious what the problem really is. The bottom line at this point is myBro offers a very poor, slow, and intermittent connection. Smart’s support group have already isolated the canopy antenna and did basic to advanced network troubleshooting down to my computer. I’m tired about being asked repeatedly regarding my CPU usage ‘coz every time TSR’s ask for that, I don’t even break the 15% mark. I’m tired about being asked what Operating System I’m using ‘coz that troubleshooting approach is so stone-age. The point is, once you see history or series of complaints, CSR / TSR should look into it and avoid repeating the same approach. In other words, my computer and canopy antenna doesn’t have any problem. I’m not a telecom expert, but believe me – the problem lies in the network or base station covering the location I’m in.

Smartbro Trace Route

I understand Smart has invested billions of pesos for network modernization program, and the telco has already completed the installation and optimization of new base station equipment across the country, but why I’m still getting throughput comparable to dial-up speed? I’d probably understand that if I’m located somewhere off from an urban area, but hey, this is Cebu and we could have the internet just everywhere.

Now, would you still claim that myBro is the most reliable fixed-wireless broadband internet and delivers consistent signal? Here’s what you claim in your updated website.

myBro Canopy Package

You see, you promised to offer speed of up to 1Mbps. Though you’re always using that “up to” marketing gimmick in your advertisements, I actually understand what does it means. I don’t expect you to deliver 1 Mbps for such particular plan, I just want you to provide even the minimum acceptable speed of a broadband internet. But you know what, here’s just what you truly deliver!

Smartbro / MyBro Speedtest ResultSmartbro / MyBro Speedtest ResultSmartbro / MyBro Speedtest ResultSmartbro / MyBro Speedtest Result
And as far as your claim for most reliable and consistent signal is concerned, this could belie such claim. That’s exactly what I get for 999-pesos a month.

Smartbro / MyBro Ping Test

To be fair, it does sounds promising that you’re the first telco in the Philippines or even in Asia to bring LTE technology. It’s very promising, indeed. But to be honest, I don’t need it yet. And I don’t think majority of your myBro subscribers are ready for it as well.

So please, don’t let myBro sucks! Keep your words and continue delivering what you promised!


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  1. Davi Dan Sagario

    very lovely detailed complaint and good TS done ^^_ you are heck the best subscriber who complains with reason ^^_ Good job!

    Hoping you get a better service soon. Why not try Sky Broadband? or PLDT My DSL . . . i get stable service for My DSL ^_^

    1. Cebu Tech Blogger

      Thanks! Yes, I’ll look for alternative providers in the next few days… For now though I have with me mobile devices as temporary solution.

  2. verge gamotan

    i feel you sir. i am a previous subscriber too!… i terminated the account with them because my 3 months payment were not credited to their billing system and they are asking me to pay again! wtfg with them. they said also that its my responsibility to keep the receipt to ensure that payment has been made.

    This is a great blog post that mus be shared for them to realize how crappy their service is!

    1. Cebu Tech Blogger

      I couldn’t agree anymore… That’s silly! When you terminated your account, did they ask you to pay pre-termination fees?

  3. Cebu Tech Blogger

    If Smart Communications is reading this, I hope they would be reminded a quality service is not just about being the first to offer the latest technology in the market. It’s about taking and acting upon serious concerns from customers. Your experience is just yet another proof that they truly doesn’t care for all customers. And that’s too bad…

  4. Ragde Falcis

    Nice one! Lets hope that someone/other emerging telco could change the local telco landscape.

  5. Allen Paulo Reyes

    I am an avid reader of your blog for the last 3 months.You are right. Two months ago my sister in-law suscribe to globe dsl with a in Cavite City. With a promise speed of 1mbps, she can get 100 kbps only, i.e, if she can get its dsl line..
    Calling form pldt to globe landlines is very difficult. now they are bragging about their 4G LTE. I have some doubts.

  6. Smart Heckler

    Wow! And this is the bravest post I’ve read in the local blogging scene. Keep up and continue with what you’re doing… This is a wake up call not only for Smart but also for every telco in the country…

  7. Ram

    I’ve been with Smart Bro for almost two years now. Yes, two bloody years. I couldn’t even believe I’ve tolerated such service. Anyway, what options do you seriously take into consideration? It’d be best if you also share that to us! 🙂

    1. Cebu Tech Blogger

      Hey @mancelitaram:disqus, am not surprised! As far as alternative option is concerned, am still not sure between PLDT myDSL and Globe Broadband. For now though I settled with Tattoo as temporary solution.

  8. marife edpalina

    what a very nice post bert..super agree and hated smart communications that much…already paid them and has been doing a lot of follow ups for i was changing my prepaid connection to the plan 999 which is the canopy but for how many months now since i paid them no connection yet has been installed…and no follow up from them either,,….

  9. Evilius

    Will never visit CTB again, my comment was removed…

    1. Cebu Tech Blogger

      Seriously? Removed? Hey, I don’t remove comments. Good or bad. Your comment is just right here:

    2. Cebu Tech Blogger

      And oh bdw, this seems to be the problem with your comment (see image attached). Disqus system had it hidden for abuse reports?

  10. Swexie

    OMG! I may not have a post as detailed as yours but I’ve had bad experience with smart’s service way back 2006. I never renewed by contract since then. I thought they have improved all these years.

  11. Mankiy Laber

    i too was satisfied with the plan 999 until a few weeks this month..i think im starting to enter that part where smart shatters our trust 😀

  12. Cebu Media Solutions

    Im paying 999 per month to SmartBro, este myBro for my current plan..and so far Im satisfied with the speed.. and some says that it really depends on the location which I dont believe cuz there are times the speed of my connection won’t reached 0.6Mbps and for me that already sucks.. Cuz Im not used to it.

    This is what I speed I got 🙂

  13. Myron Roey C. Balen

    Hi bert! I’m experiencing the same problem. I am from zamboanga city, and had this problem since july 18 this year. Till now, they were not able to resolve my poor internet connection. Who can we go to to give our concerns?

    1. Hi Myron, I was told Smart has already working in improving the base station in our area following this complaint; but until I experience a really consistent signal — I won’t believe them. But I’m giving them a chance. In your case, you can pressed Smart support group in your area; but if you still ain’t satisfied, go for DTI and NTC.

  14. hsakuragi

    SMARTBRO SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! period

  15. Irvin Eser

    Sana Tanggapin me ng smart, ilang beses na me nag apply!.. tuturuan ko mga csr, tsr, cs, admin, lahat ng bumobuo ng Mybro… dami ko project na papagawa…. Isa pa, alam ko kung paano maayos ang tower nila… may mga idea me…

  16. Irvin Eser

    Tungkol sa problem na to… i think mkakatulong… just message me… i will do a remote access sa pc nyo… and check ko, if magagawa me… so kailangan nyo ng teamviewer… just message me on my email add.. [email protected]

  17. Michael Angelo

    Hi Bert, I have the same problem with my Smart Bro Canopy account which lasted from June to August 2012. Similar with your case, I have always talked to Smart CSR’s and I could almost memorize their “We apologize for that inconvenience” line every time I file a complaint with them for the super slow connection that is slower than a dial-up connection.

    After 3months of agony, I had no choice but to file a complaint to NTC ) and “boom”, someone from Smart called me up and didn’t stop until my connection is ok, because he said that they received a letter from NTC regarding my complaint for the said Smart Bro account.
    The connection really depends on the Access Point (AP) where your Canopy is connected. I was able to google the procedure on how to connect to my canopy and configure the which base station to connect and I transferred to a new
    Access Point with less “SectorUserCount” because the previous AP where I used to have very slow connections have SectorUserCount > 30. Smart is not upgrading their system to cater the increasing number of customers they are getting. This is one area where Smart Bro Canopy sucks.

    In the end their technical team was not the one who resolved the issue, I did. I also ended up adding a new ISP Tattoo plan 1299 for reliability purposes because this is where Smart bro sucks, reliability. I will have this Smart Bro Canopy account disconnected as soon as the lock-in period is over. Now, I still encounter intermittent very slow connection very Friday to Sunday and No internet connection during heavy rainfalls. Though I have my Globe Tattoo which is giving me a reliable 2Mbps connection I really believe that it is very unjust to continue paying 999php every month with a service that really sucks because we are forced to do so with the 2-year Lock-in period contract. Is this tantamount to extortion? I hope NTC will do something about this.

  18. JL

    If you want even just a decent connection, do not get SmartBro. The service is bad. The customer service equally bad. Had my service terminated by calling them and was told I had to go to a Smart Center. I told them why couldn’t they just do it since I had already provided them with all the information they needed for proof of identity? Besides, when they were making me sign up for the service they had two people go to my house just to show me and let me try it. They would have probably given me a scalp and foot massage just to get me to sign. Anyway, after putting me on hold for a minute or two the CSR comes back and says everything is okay. I confirmed by asking that the account was no longer active and he said yes. Was I thankful to be finally done with them. Alas, two months later they’re still billing me! Called them and after a useless hour with the customer service representative their solution was I had to pay them. Asked them whose fault was it and the CSR said it was the previous CSR. So I asked him it wasn’t my fault by I had to be the one to pay and he said yes. What a sad situation. Pathetic company.

  19. kismaytami

    At least you only have 3 request time outs based on your posted snapshot. Mine will have only 3 successful replies. Promise. Plus to add salt to the would, Smart Bro-ken’s Internet service is as good as a dead horse from 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM in our area. I wonder why, since their tower is only around 300 meters away from our house.

    I believe Philippines need to open the telecommunications industry to foreign players. The current crop of telcos in the Philippines are like $hit droppings and most unsatisfied paying clients are wanting to flush them down the toilet bowl.

  20. Danidanado

    Yup. Smart is as about as smart as a bag of hammers. My asawa and I signed up two weeks ago. The same day they showed up and installed an antenna and it worked great! We were so happy and pleased I was ready to tell everybody how prompt and efficient they were.
    Ya, right. Two hours after they left the connection was lost. I got on the phone (globe) and called them. After going through all the press this button for this and this button for that it took four minutes to talk to service rep. He made me go through a bunch of systems check and then made an appointment for a techie to come and repair the canopy style antenna. The techie was late and in a hurry but it worked for about ten minutes after he left. I got on the phone again and the rep said they were doing upgrades to the tower. Ya right! I can seethe tower from here and saw no one up the tower. I rode my bike over to see if they were working at the base of the tower but saw no one. I asked the neighbors nearby the tower and they said no one had been there for weeks if not months. !st lie.

    I called again the next morning and they were oh so sorry! Ya right! They said that they were actually doing upgrades remotely. Ya right! Said that if I would kindly wait for 24 hours my connection would be would fixed. Ya right. So I called again but while calling my load ran out! So far, I’m out P499 for the hook-up, and P300 for the globe load. I bought a new sim card fro smart so not to have to pay for the calls.

    So far I’m out p499, P300, and P40 for the sim card and P300 for the smart load. I call again Again they say about the upgrades and please be patient for 24 hours. OK. After 24 hours I called again nd made an appointment for a techie to come and re align our antenna. Again the techie was late and I’m getting a little irate! But he fixed it in about 15 minutes and we had connection for about two hours. Si I called again and again they made go through all the nonsense of checking the systems on my computer. They then said a techie or rep would be calling to inform us when the techie would arrive to again re align our antenna. No call. After two days I called again with all the same procedures and BS. The rep said the techie would come by in the AM to find and fix the problem.

    By noon there was still no sign of the techie. I called again. Same BS as before. The techie finally did show up after 2PM. I said enough is enough, don’t bother trying to fix it just take down the antenna because we no long have any confidence in Smart. They refused saying they were only authorized to make repairs. If I did not want the repair sign the refusal form. I lost it! I said get lost then and closed the door.

    I called Smart today to cancel our subscription…..they said I have to go to one of their offices to unsubscribe and that I would have “TO PAY” P320 to cancel! I told the rep that according to our agreement if we were not satisfied with their service we could cancel without penalty with in two weeks. I also said that we would not under any circumstances go out of our way to take time and money to cancel.

    Before hanging up on the rep I said that if they don’t come and get their antenna it could very well just stay there as an ornament as that is all it’s good for! I said I don’t like being lied to and that they had cause unreasonable frustration and mental anguish as we have been without an internet connection for two weeks and felt like a prisoner under house arrest held incommunicado.

    In short, I kissed their butt for two weeks, now we are with Globe for two days and it’s cheaper, more reliable and faster than Smart ever was. It is an almost a certainty that the cause was the guide line cables that support the antenna that if improperly secured loosen and the antenna’s focus on the tower is off by a degree or two.

    PS. It’s now time for them to kiss my butt! I’ll make sure not to be home when they come for the antenna for a few times anyway. I wasted my hard earned cash for a worthless system, if all the revenge I can get is this then so be it, I will waste their time and money as long as I can.

    PSS. Thanks for the opportunity to rant!

    1. Cebu Tech Blogger

      Yes, you’re right. You don’t have to pay anything to cancel your subscription. After all, it’s their service that sucks! And on the first place, it’s their responsibility to ensure you’re getting what you paid for.

      To other subscribers who have similar problem, you can actually claim for bill adjustments on those dates which you never had any internet connection. Smart or any other telco is obliged to make the necessary adjustment.

  21. Greg S.

    I still can’t believe Smart and PLDT require us subscribers to pay for VERY POOR and EXPENSIVE Smartbro Canopy / myBro SERVICES.

  22. kev

    I also agree last dec 2011 I availed 2mbps promo and was very satisfied, but last october ang bagal na since naging mybro na smart wimax motorola black yong modem ko

  23. ❤ Piào Sy Liàng

    email complain is more effective than talking to ….mrn CSR… lol.. always include ospac on your CC.. ..super speed ang action nila… lol…

  24. OJ Tibi

    Just passing by from the link you posted on Fleire’s status on Facebook.

    I sympathize with you, Bert. I was using SmartBRO for quite some time (3+ years) and I have to say that my subscription has lived up to its advertised speed of 2mbps. Sadly, and quite oddly, my connection’s health started deteriorating a few months ago, and the speed was drastically affected, the reliability of downloads were also affected. Using the ping test, I noticed there were lots of packets being dropped. It was very sad, because I know there’s something wrong and Smart could’ve done something about it (but it seems they do not know the root cause of this incident). After lots of calls to the tech support group, we were unable to get our connection’s reliability back, even after asking the contractors to realign the antenna and re-home to another base station.

    I was a happy customer, but after this, I knew I had to find another provider, and as you know we don’t have a lot of choices in our country. PLDT came to our house yesterday and installed a 3mbps bundle, hopefully outlasting SmartBRO in the long run.

  25. Luna Mystica

    how come nobody talks about prepaid smart broadband?? i have read on its fan page ,there are also cases of stolen loads.. that really sucks… and i really find it so hard to bear the very slow connection of its internet , and i’ve come to a point i’m already so choked up that i chose not to continue its services , ahh whatever the outcome might. just killing me to think every pay i make each month makes this company even more richer. if they want to run after , then i’m willing to play hide and seek…. am i right or wrong???

  26. Maea Faye

    i’m searching for a way to manually fix my intermittent connection without relying to those annoying agents.. and i saw your post..
    your situation is almost the same as mine..
    we are using smartbro (or mybro now) for almost 2yrs..

    since nov.2012, i noticed our connection became slower day by day.. i just let it go coz i dont have anything to do much with super fast net.. as long as i can access internet, i can watch some videos, i can play some games, it’s ok..

    until early jan.2013 came, my slow net became intermittent.. i called hotline around 1pm and told me they need to realign the antenna and observe for 24hrs.. it was fixed around 10pm.. around mid january, i got intermittent connection again and they said reallignment again.. next day, connection still the same, they said it was net traffic.. next day again, connection still the same and the reason is base under maintenance.. next day, the reason is my computer.. these reasons repeated everyday for 2wks.. oh! no! i should say 1month..

    am i dumb enough to not know what is wrong with my computer and my net? i even reformatted my own computer but still the same.. by the way, this intermittent connection got schedule.. it was 12pm-12mn.. but lately, the schedule became 8am-11pm.. =_=”

    so i need to be a vampire just to use this darn net?

    if i’m not wrong, i am the only smart user here in our place nowadays.. almost all of them shifted to globe already..

  27. parusahanangsmartbro

    how about filing case a against “Smart Broadband”? their service sucks! but then again, everything sucks! in the ____________. sabi lang po….

  28. Maea Faye

    helo! i am back here again.. and i wanna share something..

    in my previous comment here, i told that i got a more than 1month intermittent connection..

    i’m asking for technicians when even before february, but they said technician is not needed for a SLIGHT problem.. until around mid-feb, i really got mad and used foul words everytime i call them and request for technician until they said they’ll send one…

    and this technician came after 2days..they changed my canopy drive and some settings, but the intermittent connection problem still occurs.. of course i called them again to inform that it’s not fixed yet and i badly need technician again.. smart refused for my request, said technician will come after 7-10days and because i’m too furious already, i shouted them until they said they’ll send at next 2 days…
    but then, on the day the technician came, my net suddenly fixed by itself.. smooth, no request timed out, fast speed… i asked the technician what happened and he admitted that it was either net traffic or system really is low (he means that smart system got low signal and connection especially that time).. and the technician send a report, dunno what he send..

    i called smart to inform them about this.. and also to asked for rebate at the wasted days… smart said i need to wait for approval.. bill statement came, no rebate on my list.. i called them to ask what happened why i dont have rebate.. and the answer i receive is “your rebate request is invalid coz you did not specify what date it started and fixed. and besides, they did not see any problem at the said dates i’ve given”


    so does that mean my almost everyday call (with 2-3x call per day) with the same problem (the intermittent connection with the FIXED time schedule) is not smart’s problem? and it’s not valid for rebate?

    btw… after more than 1month it got fixed, here goes my intermittent connection again.. even the automated voice said my antenna got problem, and smart still not fixing it… the difference is, my net now got no schedule, it’s a 24hrs intermittent connection.. no.. i should say 72+ hrs already.. =.=”

  29. pareho din sa akin, mas marami ang walang signal kesa sa meron yung ping ko bungal bungal talaga, gusto ko nga mag transfer sana sa sim account puede kaya yun? matagal pa kasi yung contract ko, nadagdagan pa kc, naging ganito yung signal ko mula ng may tumawag mula sa smart para extend ang contract ko pumayag ako kc ok naman dati, mula noon naging ganito na kalala ang signal ko.

  30. Vhortex Morpheus

    I was ordered to pay 3x relocation fee just because they keep on messing up with pulling the right records from their database. That is how they are decentralized. Mind you, in Laguna na relocation fee is P2500 to P3500 and they expect me to pay that price and file for a refund even if the canopy was never moved. Investigation can take from 1 month to 2 years, refund will take a few more months of verfication. So maybe after a few years I can have the refund processed and get a “Denied” action.

  31. Mr. Padilla, speeds stated by almost all carriers around the world are “best effort” speeds, meaning speeds achieved under ideal conditions. Di naman exact speeds ang nakalagay sa subscription contract mo. Ganyan man ang norm kahit saan. Tapos yang speeds, depende man yan kung anong oras ka nagbrowse, mga subscribers sa area nyo, at sa online activities mo.

    1. Muslim Fuckers

      How will you contented for a slow connection that you can’t even browse Google with small page size? Contract is contract, wherever you lived they must follow the agreement to provide unlimited speed, not depending on the situation of your area.

      Kaw ang matuto gong2x!

  32. Kyric Gauge

    “MONOPOLY” Ganun talaga ang cla pag subscriber kana less approach! “ang saya dba?”

    Note: do not ping common websites like google, yahoo, facebook, msn…

    why? If you have knowledge in networking you will know.. “ang saya dba”?

    Last words, they are controlling your speed! Find a way how you can block them from controlling your connection!

    “up to 1mbs” but my connection is exceed from that and I only paying 999/month 😀 “ang saya dba?

    You have your Canopy or WiMax modem setting mo lng na hindi ka ma control ng mga “noob operators”…

  33. Richard B

    Un-Smart Bro is still a worthless piece of .. you can fill in the last word .. but you get my drift I think. Since day one, only back in early March 2014 it has been very unreliable. And let us not beat about the bush here; the very essence or DNA of wi fi IS and always will be its stability, consistency and reliability and, when it goes wrong, the service absolutely MUST be there minutes later.

    In the case of this company, which I am told is under the same ownership as ‘land line’ PLDT, there is a virtual total failure of any of the aforementioned pre-requisites. For such inept service, on ALL fronts, this business would have had its licence revoked years ago in virtually all other ‘democratic’ jurisdictions around the world.

    I wish not to bore people with the minutae of my experience but suffice to say that by describing every aspect of the offering as inept then I am being reasonably kind. Even some of the staff were miserable which is a rarity with Filipinos even when they know, deep down, that they are working for a company that is useless in almost every gauge and on every level. That shows how bad it is at Un-Smart when some of the most hospitable people in the world are actually rude or just miserable to their clients.

    It is not an exaggeration to suggest it is a significant factor in driving inward investment to other countries because, lets face it, reliable communications is like water and electricity; it is essential and not an occasional luxury.

    It is long overdue that the Philippines enacted laws to enable foreign competition into the utility companies because only then will we see improvement that is so desperately needed across ALL telecom providers because they are all bad in so many ways.

  34. ipisboy

    I was a smartbro user since 2009. But once PLDT took over the service degraded horribly. In July 2014 I was contacted by a sales agent who offered a free transfer to the new ulteera package. I said I would think about it, as the monthly fee was higher. At this point i was also locked in to a 2 year discount deal, my second such deal with slowbro.

    A few weeks later my house transfer was ready and I contacted slowbro to get them to give me the free installation of ulteera at my new house. They refused. So I stopped paying. Now, over one year later I am getting multiple texts from a debt collection agency. Do I care? No I couldn’t give a flying fig, I am happy with Globe now and their customer service has been a dream.

    The reason I won’t pay is simple. The sales agent in 2014 told me that the service I was currently using at that time was due to be terminated in my area. As far as I am concerned, Slowbro broke our contract, not me! The service I was locked into is no longer available in tagaytay.

  35. mabel

    Yesterday,i went to pldt service center para i- settle lahat ng remaining bills namin.para ma dis-connect na ko na ung smart bro plan 999 namin.sabi kasi nila..e fe-face-out na nila ang kailangan namin lumipat sa pldt home dsl.wala kaming choice kung d kami lilipat mawawalan kami ng internet i settled all our remaining bills yesterday.sabi sa pldt.ok na.disconnect na nila.on the process na daw.pero kanina tumawag samin ang pldt na kailangan namin magbayad ng termination fee..kasi hanggang 2017 pa daw contract namin.e in the first place naman..d Namin papaputol ang smartbro namin kung d nila sinabi na fe-face-out canopy nila.cla pa nga nagsabi na mandatory daw un.kailangan daw kami lumipat from smartbro plan 999 to pldt home dsl.tapos ngayun tumawag cla kailngan daw namin magbayad ng termination fee kung gusto namin e terminate ang contract namin.tama po ba un na magbayad ng termination fee..o ignore nlng po?

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