Pacquiao–Clottey Replay Video another SEO Game

Pacquiao–Clottey Replay Video another SEO Game

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Today is just another memorable day for the Philippines in the field of sports. Manny Pacquiao, the legenday Filipino boxer, will bring home another victory to his homeland.
It was such an amazing entertainment for the boxing fanatics. Different parts of the world had witnessed the event live or via pay-per-view; or via online streams promised by different bloggers on their posts, saying that they will provide the streaming links or host a video from the fight.

The fact is, many of those blog posts were drafted just to manipulate the search engine results. Articles that are being flooded with different keyword combinations like: “Free Online Streaming”, “Pacquiao vs. Clottey Live Online”, and etc. This usually happened when there’s an expected surge of traffic from high trending keywords like that of the Pacquiao and Clottey fight.

That’s SEO after all. It can never be a black hat. It’s good though, if the blogger really have to hit his commitment, the commitment to provide a video for online streaming or even just a working link where to stream. But seeing different blog posts without an embedded video is telling me another story. Those are blogs published just to hit a good amount of organic traffic.

If you happen to read this post because you are looking for the replay video of Pacquiao and Clottey fight, there’s nothing here. This is just the same thing that happened if you are one of those who queried earlier where to watch a video online. Then you felt desperate because you found nothing rather than a post that didn’t make sense. And because of the excitement, you clicked any related links found on the page. You are a then a single hit that made money for the blogger.

You didn’t get my point, aren’t you? That’s what I call SEO game.

If you are a blogger and fell some guilt that you didn’t really provide the information what your readers are looking for, like a video for example; I doubt if you can really gain their trusts. We, bloggers have online reputations. I think doing “SEO Game” is a demerit to such reputation. I didn’t provide a replay video here, at least I provide a better information.

What do you think? I am still making sense? Well, just leave your comment below.

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