PlayStation Network is Down, Again! (September 21, 2011)

PlayStation Network is Down, Again! (September 21, 2011)

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Well, if you attempt to connect to the PlayStation Network right now, chance is you probably would face trouble with Sony’s online service.

Yes, Sony PlayStation Network is down once again and if you think this is another part of that hacking episode that broke down the network in July – only Sony can tell. There’s no update on Sony’s official PS blog regarding this outage, however, they acknowledged the issue through its US and Europe Twitter channels.

From PS Europe Twitter account:

We’re aware that PSN is currently unavailable and working with the technicians to find out when it will be restored. Apologies.

PlayStation Network engineers are working hard on restoring the service. However, we have no news on when it will be back online.

And here’s an update from the US PS Twitter account:

We’re aware that some of you are having issues trying to log into PSN. We’re working to resolve the issue, and we’ll update you here.

We can recall that Sony did a maintenance of the PS Network last year (also on September 21st), but I don’t think it’s an annual schedule that today’s outage fall on the same date.

Sony just posted an update that it will restore the PS Network service in the next two hours, so let just see if indeed they can restore the service as scheduled.

Update: Sony PSN is now back online.

The PSN restoration is now complete and you should all be able to sign in. Again, sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

So, are you still unable to connect to the PSN? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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