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PlayStation Now: A New Era of PlayStation Begins

Along with introducing Experia Z1 Compact, Experia Z1S (for T-Mobile in the US), Vaio Fit 11A, and cloud-based TVs, Sony has also launched cloud-based gaming for PlayStations, tablets, TVs and even for smartphones at CES 2014.

PlayStation Now
PlayStation Now

The tech giant have introduced PlayStation Now; a cloud-based gaming service, which will operate from clouds and thus will be able to bring PS games to PS3, PS4, PlayStation Vita; and even to smartphones, tablets and TVs.

As being run from distant data centers the games will no longer have to be operated on your local handheld devices. Instead they will run on distant cloud-data centers and will stream compressed video of the game to your device screen. And the input from your touch screen or game controller will be sent to the cloud as well.

Thus PS games now can be operated from practically every device, even from your smartphones. The technology used behind this system is known as Gaikai, the cloud gaming technology the company bought in 2012. Gaikai does not require the fastest internet connection but it requires that the Latency be low so that the time between your touching the screen and the simultaneous operations at the cloud can be as short as possible.

Up till now Gaikai has only been used for streaming games on the web and TVs but Sony now has gone one step further through introducing it on their handheld gaming consoles.

The company is going to launch a closed beta version of PlayStation Now within this month in US and plans on spreading it rapidly.

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