Postpaid PowerSurf Bill Shock? Not Anymore with Globe Telecom’s Php999 Cap

Postpaid PowerSurf Bill Shock? Not Anymore with Globe Telecom’s Php999 Cap

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Globe Postpaid subscriber yet you’re not covered with an unlimited data plan? I’m pretty sure you’re concerned much of receiving 4 or perhaps 5-digit bills from using data-dependent or internet-based mobile services.

You probably would think getting a smartphone only for making calls and sending SMS, but no – that’s just so 10 years ago and that today it likely won’t make sense rocking a mid-range to high-end phones yet still not bundled with unlimited mobile internet. Not exactly a big deal as you can actually subscribe to services like Globe’s Postpaid PowerSurf plan that will allow you to leverage your phone’s capability of running internet-based apps and services. For those who are not heavy mobile internet users, definitely Postpaid PowerSurf isn’t a lackluster offer as Globe got a variety of plans available, which you can select depending on how you use mobile internet. You can learn more about it from here.

One problem I personally see with this Postpaid PowerSurf plan is the fact that it automatically renews the subscription upon service expiry. What exactly this means just in case you haven’t tried Postpaid PowerSurf just yet, say for example if you registered for PowerSurf 299, you got 300MB worth of consumable data in 30 days. Even before you reach the 30th day, it’s most likely that you have already consumed all the 300MB you got, and that your subscription will renew for another 300MB consumable again in another 30 days. The auto-renew subscription may sound pretty scary for budget-conscious people, thus they ended up monitoring data consumption so as not to exceed their monthly budget. Not exactly a practical idea for the subscriber’s end, thus Globe Telecom is now imposing what it calls “Php999 bill cap”.

With this new billing policy, Globe Telecom says “postpaid subscribers registered to any of the PowerSurf Plans need not worry about exceeding their allocated megabytes (MBs) because charging stops at P999.” Well, this sounds great as subscribers can really be confident “they will never pay more than P999 for data use even if they exceed their respective Plan’s MB limit.” One question I see here though is what if I’m willing to pay the excess of the capped Php999 — can I still use the internet? How?

Globe didn’t say anything about how subscribers would go beyond the Php999 bill cap, but I’d assume internet services won’t be available at that point. And IMHO, that could be a bummer when you badly need the internet, right?

Update: I was told that once the bill is capped at Php 999, Globe will automatically switch the plan to Plan 999 with unlimited data as long as the subscriber is still registered/subscribed to any PowerSurf Plan. The Php 999 bill cap is for “data” only and that doesn’t include voice and SMS consumptions.

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