Power Banks aren’t just for Cellphones and Tablets, but for Laptops, too!

Power Banks aren’t just for Cellphones and Tablets, but for Laptops, too!

Looking for Power Banks, aka, external batteries for your laptops? Here’s what you need to know about it and how to compute number of charges.

Laptops give us computing mobility that most tablets can’t provide. Although there’s a whole lot of tablet models out there that seems to be capable of replacing laptops to cater for our daily needs, as a blogger, I could personally say that working with a laptop is still a whole lot easier compared to with a touchscreen slate–even with a wireless keyboard accessory. The experience is just different.

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One common nook for those who work on their laptops outside of their home or office are coffee shops and malls. Laptops even allows us to bring work while we’re on vacation, just like the photo above during my recent quick Bohol getaway. A downside of working with a laptop (well, portable devices in general) is that you’d have to be near an outlet after a couple of hours of using it, as you’re running on batteries after all. Although most cafés have a number of outlets available for customers inside their store, some just don’t have such. A bitter reality is that there are instances which I’m sure a lot can relate to, the coffee shop has outlets but everyone inside the store seems to have conveniently plugged in their devices and there’s not an outlet left for you.

Now here comes the trend of Power Banks, or portable battery packs. If you’re on Instagram and have followed a couple of online store accounts, chances are you probably had come across posts about Power Banks for mobile phones and tablets of different capacities, as well as capabilities of providing a number of full charges depending on your device. But, little do most people know, there are also Power Banks for laptops.

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For mobile phones and tablets, all you need to worry about is the Power Bank’s and your device’s battery capacities, as well as the compatible cord and you are good to go. But with laptop Power Banks, there’s one more thing you need to consider before getting one–the voltage your laptop’s charger use. Most laptop Power Banks comes with a range of voltage connections for different laptops. Using a wrong voltage can damage your laptop’s battery and worse, fry up your laptop.

And before getting a Power Bank for your laptop (or even for your other devices), make sure that the Power Bank’s battery capacity (mAh) is actually big enough for your devices’s battery to at least a full charge.

If you’re clueless about where to get a Power Bank or a Laptop external battery packs, our friends from CD-R King has a couple of models with a range of  battery capacity. Price range starts from Php 990 and up.


There’s also a trend for Solar capable Power Banks like the photo pictured below, available from other online retail stores for about Php 4k and more. This is perfect for adventurous people, specially for those who go on campings or road trips who still wants to bring their laptops and other portable devices.

Solar PowerBank

Now if you’re curious on finding out how many times can your Power Bank charge your device, then we have answers for you. Note that these are in conservative values and may vary in real life use.

First, compute your Power Bank’s and device’s battery capacities (if not provided by your laptop’s manufacturer) separately. Use this formula:

(mAh/1000) x  battery voltage = Wh Capacity

Next, compute the number of times you can charge your device with your Power Bank with this formula:

Number of Charges = Power Banks’s Wh Capacity  / Device’s Battery Wh Capacity

For example, I have a 20,000 mAh Power Bank at 3.7v. My laptop has a 65Wh battery capacity.

(20,000 mAh/1000) * 3.7 = 74Wh

74Wh / 65Wh = 1 full charge.

If you have experiences with Power Banks that you wanna share with us, then hit us up via the comment section below. Definitely we’d love to hear which power banks for laptops you’re using? 🙂


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    I suggest, you should also try Airborne Tech 2401 Arsenal Laptop Powerbank. Has 24,000. It can charge your phone, camera & tablet. I bought it last December for only 9,490. All-in-one charger.

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