Protect USB Flash Drive with USB Safeguard Software

Protect USB Flash Drive with USB Safeguard Software

These days, the use of USB flash drive has already been part of the digital world.
At school, corporate offices, or even just for personal use- flash drive provides everyone the conveniences of handling data. However, there are some risks while using it. Most of the commercial flash/pen drives have less security. Unlike those of IronKey flash drives, the commercial ones only allow us to save data with no enough protection. Those data can be stolen; or if you lose your flash drive, it might fall into the wrong hands. Not unless you provide enough security on the private or confidential data stored. How? Well, just by using encryption software like USB Safeguard.

USB Safeguard UI

USB Safeguard is a free and portable security application for Windows users to encrypt data in the USB drive. This portable program does not require any installation. To protect and encrypt sensitive data files saved on the drive, users just only need to download and save the application to the drive. Users can launch the encryption application from the flash drive itself and enter a security password when prompted with the application interface. Take a look at this video:

To encrypt files:

1. Open USB Safeguard Software from the USB
2. Set your password, and then click OK. You can use the on-screen keyboard in typing if you like.
3. Create a back-up text file to retrieve password just in case you forget it. You can save the file on your PC or any other storage.
4. A pop-up window will appear which will allow you to select the files to be encrypted. Just drag and drop the files or folders of your USB flash drive, or if you want just click the “Encrypt All” button to encrypt all the data in the pen drive. Note: you can encrypt only up to 2 GB of data!
5. Click Encrypt if you are certain of the files or folders to be encrypted.
6. Once done encrypting, a File Shredder options will pop-up. Just select the radio button of your choice.

To decrypt files:

1. Launch the USB Safeguard software from the USB pen drive.
2. Select the folder you want to decrypt. Click the box that says “And delete” if you want to delete the file after decrypting.
3. Click the decrypt button, and wait until the program completely decrypted the files.

You can download USB Safeguard software on this link for free. If you have any questions, let’s talk in the comment section below.

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