Grab these Razer Gaming Gadgets When You Purchase TRON Legacy Tickets at IMAX

Grab these Razer Gaming Gadgets When You Purchase TRON Legacy Tickets at IMAX

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Still haven’t seen and experienced the breathtaking 3D action at the “Grid” of TRON Legacy at the IMAX Theater in SM City Cebu? Beat that.
When I got a 20-minute sneak peek of Walt Disney’s TRON Legacy, I promised myself that would be on queue of “must-see” movies in 2010. I was able to watch it then; in fact that cool hacking device from Nokia got my attention, well – just for being techy. To be honest, I didn’t appreciate much the plot, let me say – the plot is considerably thin with gaping holes and it has fewer twists that even my niece can guess what will happen next.

But here’s the catch… TRON Legacy is one of the best 3D movies ever made and is the next stage of visual effects in the future. Those crystal clear images are seemingly as awesome as you would just think. Do I have to mention the roaring sound? Never mind. Just think of the soundtrack as intensely amazing with what purportedly laser-aligned sound system at the IMAX featuring five discrete audio channels. Oh, I loved that electronic music by Daft Punk, as well as Journey’s “Separate Ways”.

Teased? I’d bet it twice.

So what’s up with the freebies? Okay, listen. SM Cinema is having this promo dubbed as “TRON Legacy: Pick-A-Price”. Sounds interesting? I guess so, because when you purchase two (2) TRON Legacy IMAX tickets at any IMAX theater until January 18th, you will have a chance to bring home either gaming mouse, a keyboard, a headset, or that good-looking black T-shirts printed with “IMAX” in bold.

For complete mechanics, just hit the image below.

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If you would ask me if it’s really worth buying two (2) IMAX tickets, well it is. Just think of it only worth Php 700 (Php 350 each), but still you have those freebies from Razer. It comes with great value unless those are not genuine (which I doubt!)

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