Relieve Stress from Blogging through Massage

Relieve Stress from Blogging through Massage

This Saturday was the busiest day of WW1010 for me. I’ve been through lots of stuff at work during weekdays and of course blogging after work.

Sitting in front of my PC, reading and blog hopping, thinking about the next article to be published – these are just among what keep a blogger busy.

But this Saturday is different. My alarm clock awakes me up early morning reminding me of a particular event. Yes, we have a team-building with my colleagues at work. First quarter of 2010 is almost near to end, and we need to have some time with office mates. As part of the Philippine culture, spending time with all your team mates helps you adopt to individual behaviors. It helps you become more professional.

The event was amazing, though. From foods, games, drinks, etc. – I love it all. Did I say drinks? Obviously, yes… I don’t have a chance to break free from those tempting liquors. I have to, just not to hurt the fun (LOL).

The event was over. The van has to pick us up. I came home and checked my emails. There’s a bunch of new messages to read, including Carlos Velez’s request for the pre-writing challenge update. But I’m a bit drunk. I need to relax first or else I might hit the send button with empty message for the reply.

I am living near a Health Spa. I realized it’s better for me to have a massage, the thing I love to do in a week or two. In that way, I can reply those emails after. I would probably think better and come up with an article that will make sense.

I’m done with the massage. It was a Swedish massage. I felt good then and came back home. Again, reading blogs and replying to the emails.

It’s late in the evening already, but I haven’t publish yet any article for Saturday. I don’t have any blog update on queue anymore. I can’t publish my drafts from the pre-writing challenge. Suddenly, there’s something pop-up in my mind. I have to blog what happened on Saturday. I have to share that one of the best ways to get relieve from blogging stress is by having a massage.

Everything was done. I have written the blog late at night. And this is it, the one you are reading. Now, tell me. How do you relieve your stress from blogging?

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