RIM (Research in Motion) Renamed the Company as “BlackBerry”

RIM (Research in Motion) Renamed the Company as “BlackBerry”

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RIM or Research in Motion announced on Wednesday that it has renamed the  company as simply just BlackBerry. The Canadian phone maker is now officially operating as BlackBerry worldwide.

The company decided to formally adopt the name of its brainchild, the BlackBerry smartphone, as its very own name, consolidating its brand into a single solid global identity. And that should make things simpler and easier to recall mentally, especially to the global market: BlackBerry by BlackBerry.



Now Trading as “BB”

BlackBerry will now trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange as simply but also eye-catchingly “BB.” On the NASDAQ however, it will be “BBRY.” All this will start on Monday, the 4th of February 2013.

Not only that. The company also changed its website URL from www.rim.com to www.blackberry.com. In case some people wonder why they’re not connecting to the company website, they’re probably using the old address. And as with the website URL change, so with the email address be in the offing—with the expected @blackberry.com suffix.

The change from RIM to BlackBerry is quite timely, said Thorsten Heins, who is the president and CEO of RIM BlackBerry. The company is currently in a “defining moment” in its history and it’s apt and proper to give credit for the way BlackBerry radically changed how the world communicated wirelessly, he said. It was all due to BlackBerry, so creator and created should share the same name.

Heins added that the company has been using the same innovativeness and ingenuity over the years, and is now giving the mobile computing world a new look and experience using the new BlackBerry 10 platform. With all this exciting developments, Heins thought that adopting the iconic name now, the name by which RIM has become known to the world,  is the perfect moment.

A New BlackBerry Connotation

The world will see a solid and more global BlackBerry company, said Frank Boulben, the BlackBerry’s Chief Marketing Officer. With its revitalized marketing efforts the company has a more evident global brand and integrated marketing approach. BlackBerry has been opening new doors paving the way for emerging markets worldwide.

The statement of Daniel Levitas, IDC Group Vice President, agrees with Heins and Boulben. The new company name is synonymous with its products. That’s how RIM has become popular in the smartphone world. RIM to BlackBerry is actually a step forward as it launches more new devices and widens the reach of the BlackBerry 10 platform. [via PR]


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