Security Flaw in Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Discovered

Security Flaw in Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Discovered

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Samsung’s Knox security platform may be vulnerable to data intrusions which hackers could use to track e-mails and record data communications according to computer security experts in Israel.

As if security issues aren’t already old news and people are now hysterical about rogue and government sponsored hackers. Now we get this news from the Israelis – a people whom we know from the Bible as Jesus’ kin. But contrary to what most Filipinos think, Israelis are not dessert nomads anymore, in fact, they are one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world and if they say that this thing is so, then you can bet that they have something very serious to say.

Samsung Knox, GALAXY S4

The initial response from Samsung, according to The Wall Street Journal as well as several other news sources is that they don’t think that the situation is that bad. Furthermore they think that they’ll simply upgrade the OS of the Galaxy S4 and include an anti-intrusion code to it in order to deal with this potential problem. However, Samsung is adamant that this problem does not merit any serious concerns at all.

It would be interesting to know that even the DoD (Department of Defense) of the United States uses security platforms like Samsung Knox. So it’s such a bummer to find out that it can be breached by God knows who and steal a lot of sensitive information or your very own personal information for that matter.

Aside from having a VPN feature, segregation of work and personal data, the Knox software also offers advanced encryption system. Samsung hopes it will appeal to security-sensitive clients as a replacement for BlackBerry devices as it is very efficient in enabling IT administrators to manage a mobile device through specific policies. Meanwhile, the Pentagon has also approve the Knox software for government use.

“Knox has been widely adopted by many organizations and government agencies and this weakness has to be addressed immediately before it falls into the wrong hands,” said Mordechai Guri, a Ph.D. student at Ben-Gurion University. “We are also contacting Samsung in order to provide them with the full technical details of the breach so it can be fixed immediately,” he added.

Ben-Gurion University

Researchers at Ben-Gurion University’s Cyber Security Labs have allegedly discovered this vulnerability just over 3 weeks ago. The alleged flaw enables malicious software to track emails and record data communications; specifically they say while the Knox is the most advanced security-driven infrastructure for mobile phones. During an unrelated research task, Guri discovered the alleged flaw in the Knox software.

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