Selecting the Best Niche Blog

Selecting the Best Niche Blog

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Now that you already setup your first blog using Blogger, you will then think about the niche of your blog.
A niche blog focuses on a particular topic you are going to talk on your blog. Like this blog, I talk about latest technology and gadgets, blogging resources, SEO, and internet news. Selecting the best niche blog can be achieved by considering several factors like personal interest, knowledge and background, networking exposure, etc. Below are some important things to keep in mind in selecting the best niche of your blog.


Personal Interest – this is very important on selecting your niche as you are more motivated to blog about what really interests you. A great example of this is, if you are more inclined to cooking – a blog about foods and delicacies will work better for you. If you like traveling to different places, you will consider selecting a travel blog. Personal interest on a particular niche is necessary so you would always have the heart of blogging.

Knowledge and Background – this basically refers to your knowledge on a particular niche. Come to think of identifying yourself if you have enough knowledge or have a good background of what you are going to talk on your blog. In this way, you will be able to come up with good contents and respond to comments easily.

Exposure – another important thing to consider on selecting the best niche blog if you are joining forums or online communities or groups. With good exposure, you already have target readers who will definitely love reading your articles besides of what they’ve read from the forum.

Potential Traffic – this shouldn’t be forgotten when you are going to choose your niche. If you come up with good contents, but no one is searching for it- your blog will be useless. Before you decide what exactly the niche of your blog is, make sure that niche is trending and lots of people are searching for it over time.

Monetization – this is the most important factor in selecting the best niche blog if you have any plans of monetizing your site. The idea here is to choose a topic or niche, where most of the contents target high-paying keywords. This is actually great for advertising programs like Google Adsense.

Those are the things which I personally think you have to consider before selecting the best niche blog.The next articles of the series are more on tweaking or customizing blogger template layout, that’s a bit tricky but no worries. It’s very easy to do. Just leave comments if you have something in mind regarding this post.

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