Send Unlimited SMS or Text Messages Using Chikka

Send Unlimited SMS or Text Messages Using Chikka

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I’m not sure if you already knew about this. This might be a hole in Chikka’s anti-spam feature in which after three successive SMS sent to the same contact, the recipient must reply at least once so you would still be able to send another SMS.
But I found something (let’s say, a trick) which would allow you to send unlimited SMS using Chikka Text Messenger’s client, thus saving the Php 2.50 charged to your friend or relative’s account if they reply to any of your messages.

The trick is very simple. Just follow the steps below:

1. Send SMS to your friend/relative’s mobile number. Advise him/her not to reply to any of your messages.
2. If that’s the first time you send SMS to that particular mobile number, you will be prompted to add it to your buddy list. Just add that number.
3. Send another 2 separate SMS to the same number, which makes a total of 3 SMS sent already.

Now, when you attempt to send the 4th SMS- you will be prompted with Chikka’s anti-spam notification like the one below.

Chikka Anti-Spam Feature

For you to send more SMS,

4. Just delete the number from your buddy list. You can do that by right-clicking the name of that buddy, then select “Delete Buddy”.

You can send again another SMS by going back to step 1. That’s pretty simply isn’t it? Well, this trick works in the Philippines. I’m not sure in other countries if this will also work. But giving the fact that Chikka Txt Messenger is using the same client in other countries, I doubt it won’t work.

What do you think? Did it work for you?

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  1. Meliniel Padillo

    Hi Sir

    Hindi po un unlimited sir hanggang 20 txt po ang kaya nun to be specific sa smart numbers
    ganun dn sa globe at sa ibang numbers abroad.Naglo-load un ulit after 24 hrs to be exact.


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