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Meet Sirri Hadley Rosales Padilla, a Tech Blogger Princess Named After Gadget

I’m very much excited to blog again following a weeklong break, but before I publish yet another real tech news and updates, allow me to share the momentous occasion that officially welcomed me into fatherhood. On August 9th, Thursday at around 12NN, my wife was admitted as she was expected to deliver our first baby. But we knew it, at 4cm cervical opening, the baby won’t be coming out yet ’till the next day. My wife’s physician, whom is the same ob-gyn who took her regular prenatal care, advised us to expect the baby in the afternoon of Friday, August 10th. Unfortunately, at around 6PM on the same day, the cervical opening only progressed to 6cm. It was then that I was worried since my wife has been at the labour room for 30 hours. At around 8:30PM, I was told that the cervical opening widened to 7cm, yet still not enough for the required 9-10cm for normal delivery. Though the alternative way won’t be easy specifically for my wife, we decided to have her underwent an abdominal delivery or caesarean (CS).

Sirri Hadley Padilla

I thought the operation would take longer, but surprisingly, while staring at the delivery/operating door less than 30 minutes after the surgery began – someone called my attention to look at the NICU window. And there she was, a 54cm tall and 7 lbs. baby girl, born at exactly 9:42PM of August 10th, 2012. I know you guys can relate the feeling, but yeah, I wanted to touch her yet I can’t. And I couldn’t help myself but keep on smiling. Few minutes later, my wife’s anaesthesiologist went out from the operating room, and though I was told about the infection “vertically transmitted” to the baby – we’re assured she’ll be fine once she finished her medication.

So what’s in the name?

Since from the start, my wife and I agreed to have a combination of names for our first baby. Right after we married, we agreed that I’ll be the one to give a name if it’s a boy, and my wife will give a name if it’s a girl. Because we’re too much excited about this kid, my wife underwent two separate ultrasound scanning, both of which confirmed that what we have is certainly a girl. I should have named the kid as “Bert Padilla III”, but since it’s a girl – my wife named her as “Sierra Hadley” (mountains of heather meadows). But the quest to naming didn’t end there. I thought we can replace “Sierra” with something trendy or can be derived from anything related to tech. Good thing though my wife had this request granted. And yes, the first that got in to my mind is “Siri”, the name of the female voice assistant behind Apple’s iPhone 4S. But we don’t want it to be spelled as is, so we added an extra “r” to make it “Sirri”.

So that was it. One day, when my daughter starts getting curious about the origin of her name – I’m certain she would fire up the best search engine of her time and stumble on this post crafted by her very own father. 🙂

Want more photos of Sirri Hadley? Here she is on her first and 2nd day in this world.

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  1. Ram

    Congratulations, Sir Bert and to your wife! And welcome to the world, Baby Sirri! Such a cutie! 🙂

    1. Cebu Tech Blogger

      Hahaha… Thanks @mancelitaram:disqus ! I missed lots of events because of her. PLDT Jump, Samsung GALAXY S III Cebu launch, and etc. But no, it’s not a problem after all. My baby is more important to me this time… 🙂 

  2. Klint Hope Cacanog

    Nice bert..Welcome to the club…Congrats! m/

    1. Cebu Tech Blogger

      Thanks @google-27ac4c794e2df5dd14408e97fc5679cf:disqus ! See you soon bai! 🙂

  3. Nikki Puyat

    she is precious! 🙂 congratulations, sir bert!

  4. Cesar Ian Fuentes

    Congratulations! I’m sure everyone would love the name. 

  5. james

    Congratz bro & to your wife, welcome to the club of Fatherhood!

  6. Cymbelline

    Congratulations to you and your wife, Bert! 😀

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