Smart Bro Starter Plug-It: Is it Really Cheaper than Smart Power Plug-It?

Smart Bro Starter Plug-It: Is it Really Cheaper than Smart Power Plug-It?

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Smart Communications has a new broadband product called Smart Bro Starter Plug-It and is advertised as the most affordable broadband connection.

Smart Bro Starter Plug-It

But is it really the most affordable broadband connection? If I have to say my opinion, I don’t think so. Here’s why…

Smart Bro Starter Plug-It is yet another broadband dongle or broadband stick which complements Smart’s current product on the same lineup – the Smart Bro Power Plug-It. It complements in a sense that consumers now have an option to buy the cheaper Starter Plug-it, which retails at only Php 995, compared to the Power Plug-It which is priced at Php 1,245. True that Starter Plug-It is very much cheaper by Php 250 compared to Smart Bro Power Plug-It or even compared to competing product from Globe Telecom, the Tattoo Broadband Stick, or even Sun Cellular’s broadband stick – in which each prepaid kit from these networks will cost you the same Php 1,245.

Smart Bro Power Plug-It

For us to understand the real “value-for-money” with this new Smart Bro Starter Plug-It, it’s better to compare this with Smart current product, the Smart Bro Power Plug-It. Note that I assume both of these devices run on the same wireless technology, same coverage, and same maximum Throughput.

Obviously, if you do the math, Starter Plug-It is very much affordable than Power Plug-It, just if we’ll only talk about the 1-time fee for each prepaid kit. But the catch is, Smart Bro Power Plug-It prepaid kit is bundled with 120 free hours of web surfing for 5 days, which is way more than just 1 hour free surfing you’ll get from Smart Bro Starter Plug-It. At a usage fee of Php 20 for every 1 hour, 120 free hours translate to Php 2,400. And logically, that’s how much you’ll get if you purchase Smart Bro Power Plug-It at a 1-time fee of Php 1,245. Although 120 free hours of web surfing for 5 days means that you have to go online 24-hours a day to maximize the offer; even if you just stay online 8 hours a day for 5 days, you still get a total of Php 800 worth of free usage. Do you get the point?

Of course Smart Bro Starter Plug-It is still a good prepaid offer for those who can’t consume 12.5 hours in the first 5 days. If you’re confused, 12.5 hours equals to Php 250 – the price difference of Smart’s two Plug-It or broadband stick prepaid kits. If you’re a heavy user and want to make use of the free 120 hours internet, I suggest you better choose Smart Bro Power Plug-It. Or look for the same product from Globe Telecom and Sun Cellular, which I mentioned earlier, if you prefer other networks.

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  1. Squidoo Princess

    Last December 30th, I bought the Starter Plug-It for 995. I was happy because it says I have 120 INTERNET hours for FREE. But last night, January 4th, I couldn’t connect to the Internet. I re-loaded it and voila, it’s back on! I guess 120 INTERNET hours starts from the time you first used your plug-it, and runs continuously even when you disconnected it. Does anyone have a similar experience?

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