Smart Bro Surf TV – What You Need to Know

I talked about Smart Bro Surf TV last week and it seems that some are criticizing this new product of Smart Communications both positively and negatively. Before giving your next opinion about this technology, take time to read first what you need know about Surf TV.
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What are included on the Smart Bro Surf TV kit worth Php 4,500?

The kit include a set top box (STB), a keyboard, mouse, remote control (without AA batteries included), Smart Bro Plug-it Modem, and a prepaid SIM card preloaded with Php 100 worth of broadband load.

Where can I buy Smartbro SurfTV Kit?

Before anything else, purchasing this product doesn’t require you to submit any documents. You can purchase this at any Smart Wireless Center nationwide, through accredited Sales Agent, or through any accredited Smartbro Dealers.

When the pre-loaded amount on SIM is already consumed, how much will it cost me using SurtTV?

You can reload your SIM using Smart Bro Load Card, Load Retailer, or Smart Money. Once you’ve reloaded your account, you’ll be charged Php 10 for every 30 minutes.

You must have to be a Smart Cellphone user. To reload on your Smart mobile phone, go to the Smart Menu or SIM Services, select Smart Money, and select Reload Prepaid; then select Smart Bro. You will then be asked for the Smart Bro number and Smart Money card. Select the desired amount and confirm using a PIN. You are going to receive an SMS from Smart Money once the loading is successful.

How reliable is the broadband internet speed for Smartbro Surf TV?

Smart Communications advertised the maximum possible speed of Smartbro Surf TV. The speed is quite reasonable, though. However, users are not always guaranteed to experience the best. There are factors to be considered that affect internet speed. This include web traffic, software related problems, types of websites you are going to visit, server locations, and the 3G and HSDPA signal strength.

Can I use all types of TV?

This is not always the case. Someone ask me on my previous post about this. To clear this up, the Surf TV is only compatible to analog TV such as PAL (Phase Alternating Line), NTSC (National Television System Committee); also with the HDMI TV with RCA port. If you prefer using a projector or a PC monitor, you can do so- provided that you configure the settings of the Set Top Box (STB).
I hope this helps.

Source: SMARTCares

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