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Sony Sells the W Series Sports Walkman in a Bottle filled with Water!

Sony is upping the ante in terms of marketing waterproof devices with the W series Sports Walkman, as they are selling the waterproof Walkman device in New Zealand packaged inside a bottle filled with water.


Sony in New Zealand turned to Auckland-based ad agency DraftFCB, who suggested the marketing gimmick, proving that the W series Sports Walkman’s waterproof feature is very much a real deal. The “Walkman in a Bottle” is being sold in New Zealand from vending machines in public places like gyms.

Sony WalkMan Sports W

The W series Sports Walkman can stay submerged continuously at a depth of up to 6.6 feet or 2 meters and is currently retailed in the US for $99 or around Php 4,500. Other features include a 4 GB of internal storage that can store up to approximately 1,000 songs, easy drag and drop music management from iTunes and Windows Media and a battery life of up to 8 hours in a single full charge. Alternatively, charging the device for just 3 minutes can give you a battery life of up to an hour, thanks to the QuickCharge feature.

Watch the demo video of the W series Sports Walkman being sold inside a bottle of water in New Zealand below. [via]


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