Source confirms the Samsung Galaxy S5 to feature a fingerprint home button reader!

Source confirms the Samsung Galaxy S5 to feature a fingerprint home button reader!

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 is probably the currently most talked about and most hyped upcoming device, with all the number of rumors and leaks of specs and features by different sources and analysts. With just less than a week before the Unpacked5 event by Samsung during the first day of the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain, a source confirms one feature that is greatly expected of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy flagship.


As confirmed by SamMobile, the upcoming successor to the Galaxy S4 is pulling an iPhone 5S by including a fingerprint reader in the device’s home button. Previously, word has it that the Galaxy S5 will sport an Iris-scanner in answer to Apple’s TouchID, but the idea was later dropped due to impracticality. It was later on said that Samsung instead opted for a fingerprint scanning feature embedded in the screen.

But according to SamMobile’s through their insider(s), “Samsung hasn’t opted for on-screen buttons and is still using physical buttons, like it has been using in the past on all of its flagship devices.” They also added that “The sensor itself works in a swipe manner, which means that you would need to swipe the entire pad of your finger, from base to tip, across the home key to register your fingerprint properly. Also, you would need to keep your finger flat against the home key and swipe at a moderate speed or else it won’t recognise your fingerprint.”

The fingerprint scanning feature of the Galaxy S5 is also said to be capable of storing up to 8 fingerprints. Each fingerprint can be associated to a specific use, like signing into websites and accessing apps, as well as unlocking the device. As users scan their fingerprints by swiping through the home button, the fingerprint will be displayed from the screen, unlike Apple’s TouchID.

Together with the fingerprint scanning feature, there will also be a new Personal folder and a Private Mode that lets users hide apps, files and other content from prying eyes and friends. [via]

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