165 Million Spam/Scam Messages Blocked by Globe in 2016: An Average 200k Blocked Per Day!

165 Million Spam/Scam Messages Blocked by Globe in 2016: An Average 200k Blocked Per Day!

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In a speed up campaign to stop spam/scam messages, Globe Telecom blocked at least 165 million such messages last year, 2016. This was accomplished through the use of a broad and fully automated system to clean up its network of spam and malicious text messages.

In another development, Globe also disconnected some 1,700 prepaid numbers from its network last year. These numbers were found to have been used to send spam/scam messages.

Spam Scam Messages Blocked by Globe

“Our new blocking mechanism has proven to be very effective in preventing transmittal of unwanted spam and scam messages. We are now closer, more than ever, to having a spam-free network and the combination of technology, skills, and malasakit (deep concern) to customers made this possible. Notwithstanding the significant progress we have achieved in our anti-spam campaign, the company remains committed in further stepping up our drive against spammers to keep our network consistently free of these annoying and unwanted messages,” Anton Bonifacio, chief information security officer for Globe, said.

Accordingly, there has been a spate of complaints about unwelcome and unwanted text messages received by Globe customers. On tracing, Globe found that the messages were sourced either via other networks or via Globe. Thus, Globe set to remedy the problem for good.

Globe’s blocking system involves a new hardware and software solution that can screen and filter as many as 1 billion SMS per day. The new anti-spam solution enables Globe to prevent transmittal of spam and/or scam messages sent through the Globe network from other communication networks.

With this development, Bonifacio said the average number of malicious messages blocked by Globe increased to 1.1 million a day in November. Some 75% of that came from spammers or scammers using other networks distributed as follows—35% from Smart and 40% from Sun. The remaining 25% messages were sent using Globe network.

The chief information security officer added that the system now covers most of Globe’s postpaid and prepaid subscribers which totaled 65.4 million as of September 2016.

To make sure Globe customers are spared spam and scam messages, Globe started an automated filtering feature in September 2016 that lessened malicious messages sent via Globe. It has since been upgraded and widened to efficiently prevent anymore transmittal and circulation of malicious messages even via other networks.

Globe now also blocks prepaid numbers found constantly used for sending spam and scam messages. If a number becomes the subject of numerous complaints and is verified to be indeed a source of spam, then it is disconnected from service.

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