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Speak Up Against Negative Cyber Use in 2012!

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The internet and social media networks have become effective tools in providing information and connecting with people.

However, these digital instruments have been instrumental in proliferating information that have caused personal attack on individuals or groups that brought them ridicule, harassment or public embarrassment, and stealing intellectual property rights for illegitimate financial gain. As responsible netizens we should not participate in this malicious use of the internet, we should do GMA 7’s advice to “Think Before You Click” and Speak Up or Stand Up for what is right.

Let’s make 2012, the start of years of responsible internet use. Participate in putting an end to negative issues by speaking up, standing up, and being counted against it. And as far as speaking up, standing up, and being counted are concerned – I want to share one of my personal experiences when I speak up for us bloggers after the DTI started pushing the need of permits for online sales promotions, which I personally found not applicable to all bloggers. Don’t let the rude and crude rule the cyberworld with their malicious intent, stand up for what is right and let peace and harmony fill the cyberpipes. Here are some issues that we should speak up against and not be part of the silent majority that just watches with nonchalance the unraveling of evil in the cyberworld.

Cyber Bully

Cyber bullies succeed in bullying someone by the support of bystanders. Unlike in school playgrounds, where the bullying stops when break time is over, cyber bullying continues 24/7 through different media causing much anguish to the victim and their families. Don’t be part of this malicious personal attacks which often involves kids who are still emotionally immature and can’t fight back with anonymous messages in their social media sites. Don’t join in giving public embarrassment to the hapless victim, report any sites that perpetrate this cruel humiliation to personal dignity to the right authorities right away.

Email Scams

Email scams about winning the lottery, assistance to transfer funds from a foreign national wanting to get out of their country and a friend asking for help from a distant place because they suffered mishaps while travelling overseas find their way to our Inbox from time to time. Don’t be taken in by these scams, report them immediately to the proper authorities or delete them, they don’t have the rightful space in the internet to harm innocent and gullible internet users.

Software Piracy

Granted that genuine software are expensive, but it is not sufficient reason to copy and sell for illegitimate financial gain at the expense of the person who labored for the program. Stop software theft by not buying or downloading pirated versions through electronic downloads in websites, bulletin boards, newsgroups, spam emails, etc. and report them right away to the proper authorities or the original website.

Music and Movie Piracy

The music and movie industry have suffered much from pirated versions of music and movies being sold illegally but openly in the market. Do not patronize these products and help the music and movie pirates with their illegal financial gain to the financial loss of the music and movie outfits who put up with the production and the artists who labored for it.

Cyber Pornography

Cyber pornography is a flourishing business especially those who are pedophilic in nature. Stop cyber pornography by reporting it to the proper authorities right away. Don’t just ignore it and minding your own business because your children, nephews and nieces, children of friends and neighbors might fall into this vicious trade of the flesh if this will not be curtailed as soon as possible.

Speak up, stand up for what is right! Think before you click! Don’t just be a bystander in these internet issues that are being perpetrated through the internet by unscrupulous and cruel individuals. Let’s sanitize the cyberworld with our collective efforts to make it a source of true information and legal business means that upholds each individual’s personal dignity.

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  2. Bloger

    Could it be that bloggers are actually the one that ruin someone’s life by posting articles that would just drive traffic to their blogs?

    1. It’s probably not to ruin someone’s life, bloggers write about a particularly topic because it’s on the trend and that’s how social media and news work these days.

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