SpellDial – Let You Call Names, Not Numbers!

SpellDial – Let You Call Names, Not Numbers!

Wouldn’t dialing names instead of numbers be easier since humans tend to remember names more?

But isn’t it ironic that despite this fact, we have stuck to numbers since the invention of the telephone? This is about to change.

Jose Albert Chiu Padin, a 23-year old Cebuano who studied B.S. Information Technology at the Centre For International Education Cebu (CIE) has developed an innovative way to make connecting people a whole lot easier. His invention, SpellDial, is a service that enables smartphone (ie. iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Symbian) users to dial names instead of numbers, by converting hard-to-remember numbers into easy-to-recall names!

Passing by a billboard on the road, you will probably remember the service offered but not their contact number. If you lose your phone or change your number, you would have to go through the hassle of informing all your friends. If you find yourself stuck with a dead phone, you could hardly retrieve contacts and it means one thing — a nightmare. Well, SpellDial solves all these problems.

How it works

This is how SpellDial works.

SpellDial gets a name and a number, and then stores them. Behind the scenes, when a person dials a name through the SpellDialer (a free smartphone web application), the system looks up its corresponding number and then prompts the phone to call the number. Simple!

So instead of dialing something like (+63) 917-526-XXXX (which is almost impossible to remember), you can dial “ph.cebutechblogger” instead, where ph stands for the country Philippines. Isn’t that cool?

How do I get a SpellDial?

SpellDial using Safari for iPhone

Register at www.spelldial.com. Choose a username and type the contact number you want it to be linked to. Once approved, you may now be contacted through your SpellDial name. You can easily update the number your SpellDial name points to, so there is no need to inform others if you change your number. And if you left your phone, all you have to do is update the number on your SpellDial to one you can be reached at!

How do I SpellDial on my phone?

SpellDial App on iPhone

Open spelldialer.com on your phone’s web browser. This enables you to dial SpellDial usernames. There’s also an added feature in which users can add the app in their phone’s homescreen.

Can I still avail of SpellDial even if I don’t own a smartphone?

Yes! If you have registered for a SpellDial account, your friends, who have smartphones, can contact you through your SpellDial. Unfortunately, since you are unable to access SpellDialer on your phone, you will be unable to contact your friends using their SpellDial. But take heart, the goal is to make it native on all phones.

SpellDial is definitely the answer as to why would you let your friends call you by a number when you have a name. If I say, “Hi I’m Cebu Tech Blogger, call me at (63) 917-526-XXX.” I will not receive any calls since one can hardly remember! But if I say, “Hi I’m Cebu Tech Blogger, call me at dial.cebutechblogger.” I will probably be bombarded with calls! This is really good for businesses since your name could be your “number” – SpellDial makes connecting so much easier!

Before it’s too late!

SpellDial usernames are unique, which means no two people can have the same SpellDial Name. Thus, it’s certainly important to get an account before someone else chooses the username you prefer!

Again, it’s SpellDial – the future of connecting people and the new way to dial! You may try it… It’s free!

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