Step by Step Guide on Downloading Facebook Paper App in Philippines or Outside the US

Step by Step Guide on Downloading Facebook Paper App in Philippines or Outside the US

Last week, Facebook released their very own News Reader app, the Facebook Paper. It’s a very neat application for keeping track of your newsfeed, as well as the latest stories, news and other topics you want to keep a tab on with just a swipe of finger, just like reading the newspaper or a magazine–a feature we have all seen with the very famous Flipboard app.

Facebook Paper

Just like what I said, it’s an amazing app currently exclusive for iPhone users. The sad news is, it’s still a US App Store exclusive. There’s also word that Facebook has no immediate plans on making it available for the iPad and Android users, as well as for International iPhone users as well.

But of course, there’s a work around here. Now many would suggest creating a new iTunes account under the US store as a fix for downloading any US exclusive app. But the downside of this is that whenever there’s an update for the apps, you would need to sign in and out of the 2 iTunes account you have just to update them. 🙂

So, this step-by-step guide will teach you how to download Facebook’s Paper app by simply changing your iTunes account settings to the US store.


First is of course to fire up the App store, go to the “Featured” tab, and scroll down until you see your Apple ID account. Tap it and select “View Apple ID”. What you need to do next is to sign in to your Apple ID account.

Steps 4-6

After you signed in,  tap “Country/Region” and change your store from the Philippines (or other country you’re in) to United States by scrolling to the top of the list. After clicking Done, you’ll be redirected to a page about Apple’s Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy. Just click Agree.

Steps 7-9

You’ll need to then change your address, but all that matters here is your State and Zip Code. I just used NY and the 10009 zip code in Manhattan.  You’d also need to change your phone number, but you don’t really need a working real number, just the correct US area code, like 347, 917, 443 etc. After all these temporary changes, click Next. And viola, your account is now on the US iTunes store. You can now search for and download the Facebook’s Paper App even when you’re not in the US.

Steps 10-12

You can go back to the Philippine iTunes store by repeating the steps above, but this time changing from the US store to the Philippines. You can also do this for downloading other US App Store exclusive apps.

Update: You need to be able to perform the above steps as fast as you can; otherwise, you’ll be caught with the Time Out error and you need to start over with the steps again.

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