Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort, a Paradise with Wi-Fi

Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort, a Paradise with Wi-Fi

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Getting a share of a traveling spotlight especially head wards a stunning bluewater resort spot, the Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort is an immense opportunity I myself would not allow to falter.
Why? It’s because the island is not just a paradise for you to spend some vacations. It’s more way of a place far from the city yet still provides travelers access to the clouds. Yes, the island indeed has Wi-Fi internet connection, available in public areas and outdoor pool. It’s a dedicated connection from its service provider. That means that being a geek, you can still surf the web to the most as compared to what 3G devices have to offer. But Wi-Fi is only one of those amenities to check. Let’s sneak more info about this paradise in the south.

Sumilon Bluewater is owned and managed by Almont Holdings Incorporated (AHI) and is the sister resort of Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort situated apart from each other bearing distinctive features and amazement. I’ve got the nerves, thrill and exhilaration just the night before tipping off together with other folks from Cebu Bloggers Society during our free day tour.

Cebu Bloggers Society at Sumilon Island Resort
Cebu Bloggers Society at Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort


Cebu Bloggers Society at Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort

It was a passing opportunity that others never had, gifted only to the few and now it’s spoon-fed in me by mere luck and fate. Hence, with no hesitation I firmly grabbed this venture. I loved and enjoyed such nature trek and knowingly heading bound to this bliss-wrapped bluewater island in the Cebu South, I just couldn’t figure the things in my mind because of excitement dominating the most part of it. It was an irresistible feeling even myself cannot truly comprehend not until I breached Sumilon Island. Same blue water experience reminisced last summer in Maribago Bluewater resort.

A couple of hours drive of Sumilon shuttle vans from SM Cebu North Wing entrance, we had a splendid tummy break in a certain food chain along the way- and as we reached the mainland, a mouthwatering and delectable lemonade drenched our thirst out. The point has come to ride on the tough and knotty Sumilon Bluewater. It took a quarter of an hour for the island roving motor boat to reach the islet. Despite of the ireful waves, fear did not find a place in my mind. The awe I felt transcended the undeniable factor of fear itself. It was an experience appreciative of remembering Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort free day tour. As my feet went onto touchdown, there and then things interweaving in my thoughts shared a common picture… NIRVANA! – as they say. A domain that creates more wonders and a vicinity of your dreams.

As we arrived Sumilon resort, a warm salutation thru Bluewater’s Resident Manager – Greg Perral, crew and staff acknowledged our presence; commending our determination to be witnesses of their hospitality and the paradise island as a whole. The friendly management have taken efforts to ensure the comfort of their guests. A brief orientation inaugurated our quest, and seemingly a good brooch for me and my colleagues -the Cebu Bloggers Society- to wear at all times along our adventure. Way more to go, Ooopppps!!!, before proceeding, we replenished our stamina first with snacks and nibbles ample enough for a day’s cost.

Sumilon Bluewater Island Deluxe Room
Rooms at Sumilon

Here we go, the circuit started with a tour in the resort deluxe rooms. They are carved out of luxury resting on the sleeves of nature. Sited perfectly for seamless views of mainland Cebu, its sugar-white terrestrial sands and the cove and bay with the warmth of gratified accommodation. The fact sheet handed to us depicts the totality of the island, with its historic event that contributed to its pursuit and development. There are several spots and island marks which we haven’t touched due its vastness. The island lodges also the aqua-mania, a dive shop fully equipped with diving paraphernalia form snorkeling, diving gears, paddle boats, windsurfing boards, kayaks, and etc. The Sumilon lighthouse too and the historic watchtower -Baluarte- stood still and guard the pristine state of the island for decades hovering and weaving its magic beam to share the light of tranquility.

Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort Snacks
The Food
Sumilon Bluewater Beach Resort
Water sports

Trekking the entire Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort is a fine endeavor to push through as long as warranty of your limbs allows. Thereafter , candid and snapshot photo captures took part and delighted the tour for a keepsake to hold. A simple buffet lunch marked the twelfth-hour of the day with other Filipino and foreign guests – Koreans, Chinese, Americans, etc. The Resort’s sumptuous food offerings were provided by the in-house island kitchen managed by their Chef de Partie Buddy Amodia.

A short recession followed thereafter. With being clouded of urgency, we never squandered a minuscule of time due to the array of events to partake like snorkeling and kayak riding, the white sand tour and the swimming pool along the pavilion with which are too precious to behold and too lofty for your lovely eyes to feast on. With the last lap of the tour, tea snacks were served and quenched our day. A short-lived discussion took over with diverse versions of the tour but telling the same story. All faces were painted with glee and a lasting scar of smile ended the conversation. With a baggage of joy and laughter, we went home sweet home, and again with the pump boat drifting us to the mainland- but now floating with vivid and calm waters. Climate has always been tempestuous but not with our experience in Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort.

What more can my lips utter with the magnitude of beauty, serenity of the locale and the spectacular amenities and facilities housed in this haven? Sumilon paradise has all what it takes to hide one’s weariness and hassle beneath its exquisiteness and pride. I will not dream and wish but aspire for an another encounter in this little carpeted paradise with a big leap of gratification that I, myself is in full conviction of. I am humbly pleased with the admirable effort I made by giving myself of this chance to be there and achieving it smoothly without hitch and drawback.

Here’s a video from GMA 7 Buena Mano segment featuring Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort.

Having the chance to visit Sumilon Bluewater was of great opportune and valuable time for me because it was that time when I tasted solace and armistice of mind, and this will I cherish for a lifetime. We should never deprive ourselves to discover the outside of “us” for we are just by-passers on this world we live… and rest assured we will never pass this way back again.

Photo Credits: Atty. Ethelbert Ouano

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  1. tianexx

    that was indeed a great event i could not forget! we were so lucky!I am lucky coz I am with CBS!!yeah!!!!!

  2. rabsin_d

    same here…I'm glad I met you guys…I wouldnt experience this kind of events…thank you for having me as a guest or something like that…LOL

  3. Bert Padilla

    Tianexx, I really never expected that Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort is a great place in the Cebu South… I've been to Badian Island Resort and Spa, but its beauty is comparable to Sumilon.

  4. Bert Padilla

    Rabsin, CBS has really been on its track in promoting Cebu through blogs. Now that I am one of the content management committee, I can see the advantage of being a member of such group of bloggers. You are lucky, indeed. I believe more and more organizations here in Cebu will invite us in discovering concealed facts to be foretasted in the digital world!

  5. Sven

    nice resort bert hmmm… bert may phone number ka sa resort na yan? i try to contact…layo na cya mula tambuli resort bert? tambuli man mi mas stay? pero gusto ko mag punta sa resort na yan din? thanx

  6. Bert Padilla

    yeah… very nice resort, indeed… it was stormy but still a great experience… Contact mo Mr. Greg P. Perral (Resident Manager)… Tel no. (63-32) 481-0801 and 481-0800… You can also contact him through mobile no. (63-922) 892-4143… Ang Maribago Bluewater malapit lang sa Tambuli… Pero Sumilon Bluewater, mga 3 hours from the City via Shuttle…

  7. klintshin

    great place keu,..hehe,..

  8. rabsin_d

    yah! indeed I am blessed…knowing you guys…

    Till next time…peace out!

  9. Bert Padilla

    If you have a plan having a team-building and outing in the Cebu south, Sumilon is a great place to be considered on your list..

    Thanks for the comment, Klint…

  10. Bert Padilla

    Yeah, same to you…

  11. bugITs

    it was a fun experience…hell ya!

  12. Bert Padilla

    Hey, bugITs… I'm sure you'd enjoyed the tour!!! After Sumilon Island, what is next?

  13. DreadZ

    Wow! We are planning a summer vacation in the Philippines particularly in Cebu. I'm sure to include this resort on our prospective list of resort spots with my Dad.

  14. Bert Padilla

    Good luck to you, DreadZ… You would definitely enjoy having a vacation on some great resorts here in Cebu.

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