iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch and Apple Pay – Catch the Highlights of Apple’s Newest Products!

Probably the most anticipated Apple event of every year, the September iPhone announcement was indeed a huge success for the Cupertino-based tech giant with 3 new devices and a new kind of service, specially aimed for those die-hard Apple fans.

Held at the Flint Center in Cuperino, Californina, Apple certainly aimed to please as the inevitable announcement of the iPhone 5S successors was made, dubbed as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, a new breakthrough in mobile wallet payments called as the Apple Pay, as well as much expected and hoped for, the company’s take on the smartwatch category, the Apple Watch. (more…)

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Rumored Specs and Details of the Upcoming iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 Explained by Korean Analyst

A new angle on the details and specs we can expect from this year’s most anticipated smartphones, Apple’s iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S5 by Samsung, emerged, this time from the South Korean based analyst, KDB Daewoo Securities.

GalaxyS5 iPhone 6

While there are a lot of leaked stuff on the details on the 2 anticipated flagship devices of both Apple and Samsung, this new angle is just merely making previous leaks more plausible. First is for the future of Apple’s iPhone. On the pdf file from KDB Daewoo Securities, it seems like the iPhone is really coming in with 2 different screen sizes this year, a 4.8 inch one, possibly named as the iPhone 6, and a 5.5 inch iPhone phablet.


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