Google Launches First Beta of Chrome Browser for Android

Finally, Android users will now experience the power of the Chrome browser as Google has already made it available for download in Android Market. Dubbed as Chrome for Android Beta, the browser is still on its first beta stage, hence the name – yet it’s promised to offer a faster mobile web browsing performance than the native browser app on Android.
 Features of Chrome for Android Beta include:

– Browse fast with accelerated page loading, scrolling, and zooming
– Search and navigate directly from the omnibox
– Open and switch between unlimited tabs in an easy-to-view stack
– Sign in to Chrome to sync your bookmarks and view tabs you have open on your computer
– Send pages from desktop Chrome to your smartphone or tablet with one click and read them on the go, even if you’re offline
– Browse privately in Incognito mode

It appears this browser shares similar features than its desktop counterpart, which Google said was designed with focus on speed and simplicity. The only catch though is not all Android devices are supported, only smartphones and tablets running Android Ice Cream Sandwich or later. (more…)

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Lenovo K91, First Smart TV Running Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Lenovo announced on Sunday the world’s first Smart TV to carry Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of Google-owned mobile OS to date.

Lenovo K91, as the Chinese PC maker calls it, is a 55-inch HD TV powered by Qualcomm’s 2-core 8060 Snapdragon processor. Aside from today’s TV features like HDMI, Wi-Fi connectivity, and expanded SD storage – the K91 also brings the possibility of video interaction and integration of face recognition technology through its built-in 5MP camera. (more…)

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