LG Announces the L Series III; 3 new Low-end to Mid-range Smartphones running Android KitKat 4.4

Just less than 10 days before the much talked about 2014 Mobile World Congress to be held at Barcelona, Spain, LG has announced the 2014 refresh of their L Series line of low to mid-range phones. The L Series III and the LG G Pro 2 will make its World debut during the said event, together with the expected unveiling of the LG G3 flagship and the LG G2 mini.

LG L Series III

Dubbed as the L90, L70 and L40, the LG L Series III phones will ship with Android KitKat 4.4 out of the box. Among the three devices, the L90 packs the biggest screen at 4.7 inches, while the L70 comes with a bit smaller 4.5 inches. The L40 has the smallest screen size among the L Series III, with just 3.5 inches.


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CyanogenMod first Android Phone, Oppo N1, gets Approval from Google

Open source operating system maker and distributor CyanogenMod has recently strike a deal with internet giant – Google – which led to the development of the Oppo N1 Android-based smartphone. The new phone will be shipped to major retailers in the United States today, December 24, 2013; an early Christmas gift if you can get your hands on it for $599 only. It will also be available on their official website, the Oppo Online Store. This is their first smartphone that works with Google’s Android operating system which is the 4.4.2 KitKat as the Oppo R819 and the Find 5 had the 4.2 version Jelly Bean OS.

CyanogenMod Oppo N1 Smartphone

Much like any other third party vendors, CyanogenMod appealed for Google’s approval before launching their latest product and since Google was pleased, they got it almost immediately after research and development. Unlike the standard version of CyanogenMod where the user must first install the custom ROM and then the Google Apps suite, the new Oppo N1 will run the Google Apps suite out of the box. (more…)

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