Unboxing Starmobile Engage, a 7-Inch Android Ice Cream Sandwich!

We learned about Starmobile as the newest player in the country’s mobile industry when it launched locally new dual-SIM phones back in July. If you guys thought the company would only focus on mobile phones, you got yourselves wrong. The truth is, the company just took its dibs in the tablet business by offering a new 7-incher Android slate running that magnificent Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) flavour. This tablet is none other than the Starmobile Engage!

CTB is very fortunate to have an early hands-on of the Engage. I already have dated with the device yesterday and while I’m still checking its entirety inside and out, allow me to share some of the unboxing pics for your viewing pleasure. (more…)

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Samsung GALAXY Note II Boasts Quad-Core Processor, 64GB Storage, 2GB RAM, & Android Jelly Bean

Samsung officially unveiled last week the sequel to its smartphone-tablet hybrid and simply named it as the GALAXY Note II. And like what we initially guessed back in July, the handset brings you a stunning quad-core processor, with storage option of 64GB, and a 2GB of RAM for faster computing. And as far as NFC technology is concerned, the handset has an NFC support, not just as an optional feature only like on original GALAXY Note, but really built on every GALAXY Note II device. And like any other high-end and latest Android handsets out there, the GALAXY Note II offers the sweetest Jelly Bean flavour out of the box. Though it has a lower pixel density than its predecessor, the GALAXY Note II still got a pretty superb high-definition (720 x 1280 px) Super AMOLED screen display at 5.5-inch diagonal.

Samsung GALAXY Note II

LTE radio is also under its hood, but it’s still unclear yet if local LTE providers like Smart and Globe Telecom offers compatible frequencies. And because this handset is going to be power intensive, Samsung boost the battery to 3100mAh, which is really a huge power source for smartphone or tablet, or a phablet. And since the GALAXY Note II is designed with business people in mind, Samsung got a deal for you by offering free 50GB of Dropbox storage for 2 years!  (more…)

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You Can Now Search on Google by Handwriting

Google introduced today a new way to use its, well… search engine, by searching the web without having to use a keyboard or voice commands. This new feature is called Handwrite, which basically allows users to do a web search in Google by handwriting. Handwrite, however, is only available for touch-enabled mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. I’ve personally tested Handwrite a while ago and it works just fine. Google is picking up text inputs into the search box perfectly, even though the search giant said such feature is still experimental.

If you have either a smartphone or tablet, you can give Handwrite a try by visiting Google.com through your mobile browser (works seamlessly on Safari and Chrome browsers). While in Google.com homepage, scroll a bit down and tap on search “Settings” and there you can “Enable” Handwrite, and “Save”. (more…)

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