HTC One X, One XL, & One S Android Jelly Bean Upgrade Confirmed!

When HTC Philippines launched the HTC One S here in Cebu just last week, I got an opportunity to ask the company’s country manager if the HTC One line-up can be upgraded to Android Jelly Bean anytime soon. Uncertain of HTC’s plans for such devices (at least for the OS upgrade roadmap), he didn’t confirm yet (perhaps to play it safe) whether HTC is working for a Jelly Bean upgrade or not. It turned out that HTC is indeed working for a firmware update, to which the Taiwan-based smartphone maker has confirmed to Engadget that it will bring Android Jelly Bean to select HTC One handsets which include the One X, One S, and the LTE-capable HTC One XL.

“We know HTC fans are excited to get their hands on Google’s latest version of Android. At this point in time, we can confirm that we have plans to upgrade our HTC One X, HTC One XL and HTC One S to Jelly Bean. Please stay tuned for more updates regarding device upgrades, timing and other details about HTC and Jelly Bean.”

This statement, however, is still unclear for some users across the globe. And the question remains whether or not the Jelly Bean update applies to other regions outside the US.

For the uninitiated, Jelly Bean is the latest version of Google-owned Android OS, which brings new features with primary focus on enhancing the user interface functionality and performance. (more…)

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Firefox Browser for Android Now Available; Google Chrome Out Of Beta

Finally, Mozilla released its official mobile browser for Android devices. Mozilla said the new Firefox for Android is redesigned to offer significantly faster performance than the stock web browser shipped on every Android phone.

You might wonder how exactly this mobile version looks like compared to its desktop counterpart – and well, the new Firefox for Android “has a fresh and streamlined look with a personalized start page”. There’s a new feature called Awesome Screen where you can see all your browsing history, bookmarks, passwords, and form data to your handset, and the popular features like Tabbed browsing, Firefox Sync, and Add-ons are all onboard as well. Firefox for Android also supports Flash contents which means you can always watch videos or play games in any case those contents are designed with Flash technology.

The new Firefox for Android is now available for download at Google Play and works for devices running at least Android 2.2 or higher. (more…)

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Trend Micro Rated Android 2.3 As Least Secure Mobile OS

A report from Trend Micro entitled “Enterprise Readiness of Consumer Mobile Platforms” rated Google’s Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) as the least secure mobile operating system.

Compared to BlackBerry 7.0, iOS 5, and Windows Phone 7.5 – Android 2.3 got the lowest rating of 1.37, which refers to the OS average score based on several factors that Trend Micro considered including Built-in security, Application security, Authentication, Device wipe, Device firewall, Data protection, Device protection, Corporate managed email, ActiveSync support, Mobile device management, Virtualization, and Security certifications. Trend Micro selected Android 2.3 on its analysis over other versions of the OS since it’s the most dominant installed version across all devices in the market. The poor rating of Android is due to its market fragmentation issue, citing that even Android 4.x does include better security, most of the devices are still on Android 2.x and Google has no central means of providing OS updates. (more…)

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