iPhone 5C Now Available at Lazada Philippines

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The multi-color-variant iPhone that fanboys and fangirls have been waiting for is now within Pinoy’s easy grasp, thanks to Lazada, as in the Philippine-focused eCommerce site, lazada.com.ph! Specifically, iPhone 5C has been made available at a competitive price of Php 29,899, regardless of the color and Lazada has stocks of them waiting for you. They come in 5 lively youthful colors: pink, green, yellow, blue, and white. You may want to visit Lazada now before you miss out on this as what we’ve learned is they only have limited stocks at the moment.

iPhone 5C Lazada Philippines

The iPhone 5C changed the way how Apple usually keeps its current high-end iPhone when releasing a new flagship model. When it released the iPhone 5S this year, Apple didn’t spare the iPhone 5 but instead, introduced an updated version which is the iPhone 5C. Many are wondering why Apple opted for an iPhone 5c than just iPhone 5, but analysts believed it has something to do with the BOM (bill of materials), in which the iPhone 5C is cheaper to build than the iPhone 5. (more…)

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Apple iPhone Mini to Follow Suit iPad Mini this 2013?

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A different kind of iPhone for 2013—that’s what many smartphone enthusiasts are thinking of buying this year. And you may be one of them. Well, the iPhone Mini is probably what you want. And here are probable reasons why.

Super Affordable but Unique

The Apple iPhone Mini rumored to be either on Apple’s drawing boards or ready to be out sometime this year, is said to be very affordable and yet having some features yet unknown in the world of smartphones. Across the globe there is this talk about a “cheap” iPhone coming out soon and christened the iPhone Mini. It is said to have been in the making since 2009.

iPhone Mini

So, what are the implications of a cheap iPhone in the Philippines? For one, people here may worry less about bringing with them out in the streets a super expensive iPhone that may cost them their lives once mobile phone thieves take interest in them. 🙂 It’s easier to let go off a cheap iPhone during a stickup. Another, it can be some sort of equalizer; smartphones will not have to divide folks between the rich and poor. And iPhones being confiscated in class won’t be that big a deal anymore for students. No, I’m just kidding about that. Really! 🙂

Seriously, cheap but extra functional phones in 2013 will get the needed features into more hands and make life and connections for many folks in the country much easier, more convenient, and affordable. Not to mention being in style. (more…)

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High Apple Sales But Why are Investors Upset?

High Apple Sales But Why are Investors Upset?

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Though Apple iPhone sales hit a record high recently, investors think it could have been better. Sales even hit higher than earlier estimates especially when Apple stock catapulted after releasing on Wednesday its earnings for the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2013.

Apple shares (Nasdaq: AAPL) plummeted some 5 percent during post-hours trading. However, when trading was closed in New York, Apple stock totaled $514.17, up by 1.86 percent. Observers were surprised at this trading outcome. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, remarked that no other company dealing in gadget technology has ever had this kind of result.

Sales Should’ve Been Higher

Reportedly, Apple sold a total of 47.8 million units in said quarter, almost 10 million units more than their 37 million units sold the first quarter one year ago. But no matter this performance, investors felt Apple should have pushed for selling 50 million units of iPhones instead. They were uncertain about hearsay on iPhone sales and parts until the company finally came out with its plausible earnings reports. It even turned out, Apple was coming out with a new iPhone in June. (more…)

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