Coca-Cola brings Spotify to the Philippines! Here’s how to get Exclusive Access to the Cloud Streaming Service!

Commercial music streaming service provider Spotify is now officially available in the Philippines through a partnership with Coca-Cola. Originally available in select countries over the world, Spotify brings free and legal on-demand music streaming service to Filipinos with over 25 million tracks available, from both international and local artists.

Coke Spotify

If you’re too excited about the music streaming service and you went straight to Spotify’s official website, expect to get a “Spotify is currently not available in your country” page. Well, that is pretty much normal, as access to Spotify Philippines is currently on an exclusive invite basis as of the moment. But don’t fret, as we have all the info you need in order to gain access to Spotify, as well as the details on how to run the app on your computer.


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10 Best iOS 7 Camera Tips for iPhoneographers

The iPhone is certainly a powerful tool that gets us through a busy day. It has replaced most of the conventional stuff in our bags – organizers, notebooks, pen, wallet, etc. And we can never deny that the iPhone has made a huge impact on the platform where the Digital Cameras and Micro Four Thirds were once royalties – Photography.


Admit it or not, we carry our iPhones everywhere to document our lives and share it to Flickr, Facebook, and Instagram where the Apple-made smartphone is the most-used camera. And with the advent of iOS 7, the camera app has never been exciting for iPhoneographers. Today, we’re listing some iPhone camera’s tips and tricks that you may have not known since you upgraded with the flashy iOS 7. (more…)

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SwiftKey Reported to Come to iOS Devices as SwiftKey Note app

The very popular keyboard replacement app on Android devices called the SwiftKey, developed by TouchType is coming to iOS devices, according to a leaked photo tweeted by @evleaks yesterday.

SwiftKey on iOS

Once available, iOS users can’t expect SwiftKey to replace the native keyboard found on the Apple ecosystem, but instead, a separate note taking app called the SwiftKey Note. But, iOS users will still enjoy Android users’ favorite feature, the next-word prediction, offering users a super fast typing experience.


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